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  1. 5 Unique Office Gifts For Your Coworkers

    Keeping company morale at an all time high is vital for productivity and motivation in the workplace, and there are a few things you can do to perk up the spirit of your coworkers. One of which is sending out unique office gifts that will spark a bit of joy and excitement into their daily grind.  Gifts for office staff...
  2. Custom Notepads as Valuable Business Tools

    Notepads are great promotional tools that are can be used by businesses to advertise themselves to potential clients. Everyone likes free giveaways and customized notepads are a great way to give a useful product to your client while advertising your business. They maintain the ideal promotional strategy for any business, which is to promote your services without making a client feel like you're being obnoxious. Continue reading →
  3. Summer 2018 Custom Notepad Trends For Realtors

    It’s that time of year again, when realtors and small business owners are looking to capture the attention of new potential clients. A lot of customers can get stuck in a rut and order the same thing year after year. They often don’t take advantage of other great customize notepads that can make them stand out. Captain Notepad has put together of some top trends we see during this time of year to help realtors and small business owners to start thinking out of the box when it comes to customized notepads. Continue reading →
  4. What Every Small Company Needs To Know

    In today’s technology world, it’s never been easier to start a small business. And yet, it’s still challenging to run a small business successfully. When your budget is limited, marketing your business can be difficult. In this article, we will discuss ways your business can stand out using something as simple as custom notepads. Continue reading →
  5. Captain Notepad Releases 2018 PGA, MLB, and NASCAR Sports Schedules For Promotional Use

    Captain Notepad, the leading manufacturer of promotional notepads, releases 2018 Sports Schedule Custom Calendar Notepad Englewood, CO—Captain Notepad (, a producer of image personalized calendars, custom notepads, professional notepads, and other promotional items, today announced the release of the 2018 PGA, MLB, and NASCAR sports schedules to use with customized notepads for promotional use. Continue reading →
  6. Eco Friendly Professional Notepads For Business

    As we near closer to Earth Day, it's time to take a close look at what eco friendly really means? In today’s society, we often throw around the term very loosely without really knowing what it means to be “eco-friendly” or “going-green”. The true meaning of eco-friendly, is practicing to lead a healthier life for the planet and its inhabitants, big and small. One way to do this is to offer eco-friendly notepads. Continue reading →
  7. What To Expect In 2018 For Your Marketing Dollars

    A new year has begun, new resolutions made, new outlooks have been planned, but what are we going to see in 2018? When it comes to launching a new year of marketing, figuring out what the hot trending promotional products of 2018 will be is essential. Hot products will give your customers a reason to reach for your brand. When developing a strategic marketing and promotion plan, it’s important to examine current trends, so you can select the most effective promotional products for your marketing dollars. So, what do analysts predict for 2018? And, perhaps more importantly, how can you leverage this intel into a boost for your bottom line? Here’s a closer look to help guide your planning process. Continue reading →
  8. Unique and New Promotional Products

    The savvy business owner understands that their brand is one of the most critical aspects of a successful business. How well you can convey what your business stands for, is what will set you apart from others. Your brand speaks volume about your business and what it represents. How clients and potential customers perceive it can mean the success or failure of your business. Promote your business' brand through creative and innovative means. Now you don’t have to spend a fortune for great advertising. Captain Notepad is offering new customized notepad products and specials every month. From professional notepads in all sizes to the next big thing in promotional items, Captain Notepad will be offering all our new items to our customers at a special price. Continue reading →
  9. Play Up A Theme For A Memorable Touch

    Autumn is just around the corner, and so is great opportunities to advertise your business. Whether it's to sponsor the town parade, chamber of commerce meeting or your next community fundraiser. Ordering customized notepads with a theme will make your giveaway much more memorable. Continue reading →
  10. A Guide to Increase Engagement For Realtors

    It’s always easier said than done to be unique in the way your market your real estate company. There’s so much that goes into making a good marketing campaign and one that leaves a lasting impression with your clients. So coming up with unique and different ways to promote your business can be challenging. Here’s a quick guide from Captain Notepad, the leader in branded promotional items. Continue reading →
  11. New Year, New Marketing Strategy part 2

    Let’s not forget about your once well-organized marketing strategy. As we discussed in our last blog, Boost Your Business In the New Year, we looked at different ways to clean up your business to help bring in the New Year on a clean slate. As we continue to look at your business strategies, marketing should be at the top of your list. Most people come across new marketing ideas and try to adopt it and add it to your existing approach. This can leave your marketing strategy jumbled without any clear vision. Not to mention a lot of wasted time, money, and energy. Strategies and tactics tend to accumulate and linger even when they may not be working as well as you’d like. To improve your marketing, you’ll need to clean out some old ways of working, continue reading to see how you can clean up your business and marketing and get ready to take advantage of the New Year to grow your business. Continue reading →
  12. Boost Your Business In the New Year part 1

    Part one in our two part series of How to Boost Your Business in the New Year. It’s officially December and if you are anything like the hundreds of small businesses out there, you are thinking about how you can wrap up your end on a high note and how to better prepare your company for the New Year to come. Here’s a list of what you can do to help your small business now as well as what you can do throughout the year to it’s not a looming task at the end of each year. Continue reading →
  13. The Coloring Book Craze

    There’s a little nostalgia in the latest craze of coloring. Every grown up has an inner child that wants to have fun and play, and adult coloring books do just that. Whether shopping online or visiting your favorite book store, coloring books are everywhere. Why are these coloring books so popular? Professional behavioral economists point to five reasons why adult coloring books are trending. First, coloring books are fun! Second, it reminds us of our childhood. Who doesn’t remember coloring your favorite picture and taking pride in your work? Third, it’s relaxing. Even just coloring on a simple notepad, can relax anyone. Fourth, you get to be creative without having any drawing skills. Continue reading →
  14. 5 Ways to Get Ready For the Holiday Season

    The Holiday Season is not too far away, so it’s time to start thinking about what you need during this special time of year. We have a few ideas to share that will help get you ready for the Holidays and your clients will love it. By doing things to prepare for the holidays now, it can prevent some of the last minute errands, budget problems and emotional headaches associated with the time of year. Continue reading →

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