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Roll Labels

Custom Roll Labels

Our custom roll labels provide a full-color impact that sticks around! Printed labels are great for a variety of packaging and promotional needs, and with our varied collection here at Captain Notepad, you can have your very own custom roll of stickers in just a few clicks. Discover the collection today and upgrade your packaging.

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Full Color Custom Roll Labels

Whether you’re looking to use custom roll labels for your business’ packaging or simply to give out to customers as a cute freebie in their order, a roll of stickers is always a useful marketing tool for any business. They’re also a super easy way to brand your products and packaging, upgrading even the most boring of boxes to a professional looking, consistent business item. 

Brand Your Business Packages

From packaging to your products themselves, custom roll labels take your boxes from generic to branded in no time. For newer businesses just starting out all the way to huge multinational corporations, keeping your branding clear and consistent is important for everyone, so having the right branding tools is important. Having a roll of stickers perfectly tailored to your business is exactly what you need to ensure that all packages and boxes have the same branding, and to help your customers identify your business too. 

A Logical Marketing Choice

The whole point of marketing is to help build a relationship with your customers, right? So it just makes sense to use roll labels as a part of your marketing strategy because they allow you to help your customers recognize, and therefore, connect with, your business. For smaller businesses who don’t have the budget to have bespoke packaging created with your branding on it, custom roll labels are a cheaper, but still as effective, alternative for creating that connection. It might not seem like a huge deal, but every bit of branding helps to build a sense of brand identity for your business. 

A Fun Extra Touch

Another way to use custom roll labels is as fun marketing freebies in your packages. Providing your customers with a little bit of merchandise, even as small a thing as a sticker, helps to establish a connection with your audience. When they open up their package and find a free sticker, they’ll feel like they’ve gotten a little bonus with their order and will be even more delighted than they already are. Plus, if your audience sticks their free sticker onto their laptop, water bottle or phone, you’ll be benefitting from some marketing too! 

Why Full-Color Roll Labels? 

A custom roll of stickers offers a variety of uses for businesses of all types and sizes, from branding packaging to adding value to existing products or services. If you’re not already convinced about this smart marketing hack, you’re about to be.

They’re Durable and Versatile

Full-color Roll Labels have a permanent adhesive that sticks well to many different surfaces, from cardboard boxes and glass to plastic. Roll Labels are perfect for Paper Board Boxes and are great for use as content labels, print labels, packaging seals and more. 

You Have Multiple Color Options

When you choose to buy your roll labels from a manufacturer like us, there is no limit on the colors and finishes you can get for your roll of stickers. We can accommodate virtually any logo and combination of colors.

For example, white ink is offered as a 5th color option on Clear BOPP and Bright Silver Metallic substrates too, so no matter the style of your surface, you’ll be able to find a roll of stickers to suit your business needs.

Custom Roll Labels at Captain Notepad

We stock a wide range of custom roll stickers at Captain Notepad, in different sizes, colors, designs and styles. You can work with our art team free of charge to create designs to elevate your brand presence and engage your audience. They can work with your current designs or create a bespoke design for you to create the perfect stickers for your organization. So whatever you’re in need of, you’ll be able to find it with us. Get in touch with us today to make your own custom roll labels, we’d be happy to help! 

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