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Engineering Paper & Custom Graph Paper

Accuracy and precision are crucial in the engineering and design industries, and we at Captain Notepad fully appreciate this. Simply put, we provide premium promotional "engineering" and "graph paper" notepads, ideal for creating technical drawings and diagrams. Engineers, designers, and design agencies may all benefit from our customizable notepads, which can be printed with their company's logo and message. You can rely on Captain Notepad to supply the promotional "engineering" and "graph paper" notepads you need to create a strong impression on your clients and coworkers.

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Customize Your Graph Paper

Our custom engineering paper pads are the perfect tool for inspiring your design success at the very source. Not only do custom graph paper pads spark creativity, but they are also a great way of boosting the marketing of your business with the very best personal customizations. Our engineering pads of graph paper brighten up your desk through  a touch of personalization with your own brilliant brand. 

You never know when that inspirational design idea will hit. Having custom engineering pads close to hand wherever you are means always being ready to write down that next big idea! So, whether it’s making your brand stand out to others, or keeping track of those flashes of creativity, custom graph paper pads will have you covered.

Who are our custom graph paper pads for?

Our specially designed custom engineering paper makes a great addition to any desk or office belonging to a design or architecture firm. Whether you are looking for custom graph paper to treat yourself, give out to your hard-working team members, or send out to clients and customers, Captain Notepad has the right custom grid pads style for you.

What customization can I have made for my grid pads?

Each of our custom grid pads or custom lined paper pads are fully customizable in order to meet your exact specifications. For your own simple yet effective design, add a company logo and tagline, change your company colors, and even amend the layout to suit your style. By adding your own tailored choices to our variety of engineering grid pads, your all-important creative resources will have the personal touches they deserve. 

To get your creative juices flowing with ideas for custom engineering pads, contact us and find out more now. Learn about how to order your engineering grid paper and how we can customize your graphic paper design to meet your creative needs. To ensure your design is exactly how you imagined, we will even email a proof for you to approve in 24 hours from when you place your order.

Graphic paper pads: FAQs

What can I use graph paper for?

Graphic paper can be used for just about anything that’s creative and requires a little planning. While architects and designers find custom engineering paper an essential part of their creative process, it can also be used effectively in any industry that relies on some maths and dimensions before they can get stuck in creatively! 

It can even be used for your hobbies away from work when making something in the garden shed or doing a little DIY around the house. 

What is the standard graph paper?

The most common standard graphic paper is known as ‘quad-ruled graph paper’. This contains grids of quarter inch squares on a standard size of paper.

Are you unsure of the size and type of paper you need? Contact us today or look over our range of custom graph paper pads and we’ll do our best to find the right fit for your needs!

What does graph paper look like? 

Graph paper is simply a standard piece of paper (or customized) that is covered with a continual grid of blocks that are all the exact same size. 

Graph paper is printed on very fine lines to help ensure accuracy in any design specifications or other planning for projects.

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