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Legal Document Blue Ink

Blue Legal Ink

Most legal documents are preferentially signed in blue ink - so that the original blue signature can be easily differentiated from photocopies which would show a black copied signature. Captain Notepad offers many custom imprinted pens with blue ink cartridges. Blue ink pens (aka legal document pens) are great for real estate professionals, mortgage companies, and banks.
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  1. Mardi Gras Hex Pen
    Item #: 415 MardiGrasHex
  2. Quadtri Triple Function
    Item #: 712QuadtriTripleFunction
  3. Santorini Torch
    Item #: 858SantoriniTorch
  4. Luxuria Triple Function
    Item #: 855LuxuriaTripleFunction
  5. Sonata Torch
    Item #: 690SonataTorch
  6. Textari Comfort Stylus
    Item #: 693TextariComfortStylus
  7. Vienna Stylus
    Item #: 636ViennaStylus
  8. Vienna Rhine
    Item #: 629ViennaRhine
  9. Vienna
    Item #: 628Vienna
  10. Olin
    Item #: 678Olin
  11. Sonata Glass
    Item #: 682SonataGlass
  12. Mateo Stylus
    Item #: 384MateoStylus
  13. Piper
    Item #: 327Piper
  14. MaxGlide Click Chrome
    Item #: 586MaxGlideClickChrome
  15. Nitrous Stylus
    Item #: 351NitrousStylus
  16. Javalina Spring Stylus
    Item #: 339JavalinaSpringStylus
  17. Javalina Metallic Stylus
    Item #: 331JavalinaMetallicStylus
  18. Javalina Chrome Stylus
    Item #: 336JavalinaChromeStylus
  19. Javalina Classic Stylus
    Item #: 332JavalinaClassicStylus
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65 Results

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