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  1. Magnetic Marketing: How Promotional Fridge Magnets Boost Small Business Visibility

    As your small business grows, maximizing your marketing budget becomes increasingly critical. You want to see a return on every dollar you spend and confirm that your advertising efforts are expanding brand awareness, attracting new customers, and ultimately boosting your bottom line. Enter promotional fridge magnets. Eye-catching, custom-shaped fridge magnets can amplify your exposure to yield impressive returns. Read on...
  2. Promotional Notepads For Your Business

    You’re a smart business person, building your brand, and looking for new ways to promote your business. You’ve looked at promotional notepads in the past but didn’t feel like you were able to get what you wanted out of them. At Captain Notepad, we’re here to tell you why you need to invest in promotional notepads and how we can customize notepads to fit your business. Continue reading →
  3. Themed Custom Notepads, Why They Work

    Admit it. The use of personalized notepads for business that have themes has really gained a lot of popularity over the years because of the exceptional positive impact it has made for businesses and companies. Businesses have actually gained more customers when they are reinforcing their names with these advertising campaigns. Business notepads with themes have enough space to accommodate the logo or the name of the company and has been proven effective in highlighting a particular slogan or brand which the company wishes its customers to be aware of. Continue reading →
  4. Real Estate Promotional Items From Captain Notepad

    Ever wonder which promotional items really work? In a sea of promotional materials, it can become overwhelming and frustrating not knowing which ones really work. Don’t throw money away trying to figure out which real estate promotional items work, this guide will give you a breakdown of your different options. Continue reading →
  5. Tips From Real Estate Pros On Generating New Leads

    The marketing world is getting more and more complex, it can be confusing for any realtor to know where and how to generate leads that convert. Here’s a guide with the top real estate lead generation ideas to help you narrow down the options and ensure your marketing dollars create an unbeatable ROI. Continue reading →
  6. Eco Friendly Professional Notepads For Business

    As we near closer to Earth Day, it's time to take a close look at what eco friendly really means? In today’s society, we often throw around the term very loosely without really knowing what it means to be “eco-friendly” or “going-green”. The true meaning of eco-friendly, is practicing to lead a healthier life for the planet and its inhabitants, big and small. One way to do this is to offer eco-friendly notepads. Continue reading →
  7. Make Your Business Stand Out with Die-Cut Shapes

    It’s a constant marketing challenge: how can you keep your name be in front of potential customers? That’s the beauty of marketing leave-behinds, such as custom notepads, that can be customized with your photo, name and contact information. Our die-cut shapes allows you to customize your notepads to fit your company. Continue reading →
  8. Capture Leads Through Your Website

    When was the last time you looked at your website, we mean REALLY looked at your website? Real estate agents can’t obtain the email addresses of site visitors if your website doesn’t ask for it. On average, you can expect to obtain addresses from approximately 10% of your website visitors just by doing the following. Continue reading →
  9. Custom Notepad Company, Captain Notepad, Announces Their Spring Event and New Customized Notepads

    Customized notepad company, Captain Notepad, announces their next big promotion for realtors Englewood, CO—Captain Notepad (, a producer of image personalized calendars, custom notepads, magnetic notepads, and other promotional items, today announces its Spring Event for realtors. The promotion goes from now till the end of April and includes a free gift with every notepad order. Continue reading →
  10. Just in Time For Fall, Order Your Basketball and Hockey Schedules

    It’s fall, and with every leaf that turns color you know that basketball and hockey season are upon us. Captain Notepad is excited to release its 2016/2017 Basketball and Hockey season schedules. Your clients will love receiving a schedule of their favorite team this fall. So don’t put it off, order you customized calendars with this season’s sports schedule. Continue reading →
  11. It’s A Fact! See Why You Need Printed Promotional Products

    In our third installment of our series on printed promotional products, we look at some hard facts customized notepadsabout promotional products and what your consumers really think about using them and receiving them. It’s a fact that not only your customers will love getting your promotional item, such as a customized notepad, but that they are one of the most used items that customers use. Those getting your branded promotional products have a significantly more positive image of your company than those who do not receive promotional products. They’re tangible, useful and highly targeted to the audience they reach, delivering the highest rate of recall and return on investment. Continue reading →
  12. Why Promotional Items Act As A Marketing Medium

    To continue our topic on promotional items that work for your business, we look at how promotional items should be a part of your marketing medium. When was the last time you really looked at your promotional products? Typically, a promotional product (like a die cut notepad) has a company’s name, logo, or message imprinted on the item. Imprinted products that are distributed free are known as promotional products. Whereas imprinted items given as an incentive for a specific action are known as premiums. Look at your promotional products a little closer and look at how you’re using your promotional products. Is it the marketing strategy you intended it to be for? Many times, I see clients giving out items for premiums that should really be giveaways. What’s the difference? Keep reading and you will see why it’s important to know what items are used for what and when. Continue reading →
  13. Why do we need promotional items?

    Do promotional items really work? In this article we look at why they work for you and what may interest your potential clients. Most research reveals that “freebies” of any kind can have a huge effect on people in any context. I know you’re thinking to yourself that there are so many promotional items out there, what difference would mine make? I’m here to tell you that choosing the right promotional items, such as something people use daily like customized notepads, make a great way to connect to your clients. Custom promotional items are more than just slapping your logo on a pen or notepad. It’s taking the time to pay attention to the details that your customers will remember you by. Using something like our die cut shaped sticky notes, is a great way to be unique. There are so many shape options out there, that we can match almost any business with a customized die cut sticky note. Continue reading →
  14. How Can Promotional Products Save Your Business?

    In this third installment of What Your Small Business Needs, promotional products are discussed on how they can help your business grow. Consider this, of a recent survey regarding impressions, 52% said their impression of a company is more positive after receiving a promotional product, and of those, nearly 50% use those products daily. Continue reading →
  15. Why Your Business Needs Personalized Notepads

    To continue our 4 part series, What Your Small Business Needs, we look at personalized notepads to help grow your small business. Personalized notepads are a great way to not only brand your business but can also help you stand out. Instead of the same boring notepads with your contact info, you can customized your notepads according to the season, theme, or holiday.custom notepad Continue reading →
  16. What Should My Company Do with Promotional Items?

    Promotional products, such as promotional notepads,are products that companies set aside as giveaways either to assist in branding or to increase sales. It is good for a company to incorporate promotional products in their marketing campaigns in order for the company logo to get more attention from the recipients. Promotional products should be products that are used on a daily basis in order to keep the user glued to the business logo whenever they are using the giveaways. Continue reading →
  17. Captain Notepad Celebrates Earth Day By Offering 15% Off

    Captain Notepad, the leading manufacturer of custom notepads, is now offering 15% off Earth Day products now till April 22nd   March 31, 2015—Englewood, CO—Captain Notepad (, a producer of image personalized calendars, custom notepads, magnetic notepads, and other promotional items, today announced that it’s over 30 Earth Day products are now 15% off in honor of Earth Day. Continue reading →
  18. 2015 Sports Schedules Now Available

    We’re excited to announce the 2015 sports schedule for MLB, PGA Tour, NASCAR, and soccer are now available to order. Let's face it, the Real Estate business is competitive, fast-paced and dynamic. Any method of getting noticed, ensuring your name is out there and staying one step ahead of the competition should be utilized in gusto. One simple, cost effective and relatively underutilized way of achieving direct penetration into the home place, workplace and social places alike is via magnetic sports schedules. Continue reading →
  19. Captain Notepad Announces New Products to it’s Custom Notepad Line and Celebrates 15 Years of Business

    Captain Notepad, the leading manufacturer of custom notepads, adds new customized notepads to their product line, in addition to celebrating 15 years of selling promotional notepads   January 28, 2-15—Englewood, CO—Captain Notepad (, a producer of image personalized calendars, custom notepads, magnetic notepads, and other promotional items, today announced the three new products to it’s customized notepads product line. In addition, January marks Captain Notepad’s 15th year of selling custom notepads. Continue reading →
  20. Promotional items to giveaway for under $50

    At Captain Notepad, we always try to make advertising very affordable for your business. We are proud to introduce promotional items for under $50. Marketing your business is priceless and is a key way to connect with your customers. Take advantage of this offer to receive items that are perfect to give away to your clients. Gifts are a great way to bring back clients; they will feel the need to reciprocate your wonderful gift and do business with your company again. Continue reading →

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