Now is the time to think about your holiday print needs and how to get creative with your print order. In that spirit of creativity, we wanted to share a few ways that you can use customized sticky notes during the holiday season and how you can save along the way.

1. Letters to Santa and Holiday Lists
If your a small business that will have an in-store Santa Clause, a mailbox to Santa, or simply personalized notepadswant to make shopping during the holiday season more child-friendly, customized sticky pads can be used to create a great kids’ activity. From short Santa letters to holiday wish lists, these sticky notes will stay organized on the pad and can easily be stuck to fridges or walls once they have been written.

2. Gifts for Employees or Customers
Professional notepads make great gifts for employees or customers! Not only are they a practical gift that employees will be able to use on the job, they also make an excellent promotional gift. And, if your customer has a holiday event coming up, customized notepads make an excellent party favor, too! Your customer can give them as a favor on their own, or tuck them into a larger basket to add a special touch to door prizes.

3. Holiday Greetings In Mailed Orders
Everyone loves a personalized package, and just as we mentioned in our post about being thankful around Thanksgiving, you can also take the time to thank your customers for their business during the month of December. Whether written individually or pulled from a pad printed with a “handwritten” note—your customer can even scan a handwritten note for their design file—their custom notepads can add a personal touch that sticks with mailing invoices and receipts.

4. Coupons
From special promotions to last-minute gifts, coupons are a great way to bring customers into crowded stores during the shopping season, and add a custom sticky note. Your customer can tuck them into mailed orders, stick them to receipts, or hand them out to those browsing before the holiday season.

5. Donation Drives
The holidays aren’t just a good time to give back to employees and customers—they’re also a time for your customers to give back to the community through food or donation drives for local charities. Personalized notepads are a fun visual way to keep track of their donation drives, whether they display them on a wall or use them to fill a chart. These physical reminders can help track progress and encourage others to donate to a good cause.

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