Not your ordinary professional notepads. These beautiful designed 3-D figures gradually emerge from Block notepads, whose pages have different perforated lines. These pads featuring Kiyomizudera consists of 150 pages, each measuring 8 centimeters by 8 cm.

When all the pages are used and removed, the carefully reproduced temple, complete with its famed Kiyomizu no Butai platform, can be viewed.

Omoshiroi Block notepads sold out soon after they hit the shelves at the Tokyu Hands Umeda store in Osaka in December and again in February, although the priciest ones cost 10,000 yen ($92). A big price for a beautiful design.

The notepads created a buzz online, with some posters admiring them as “too artistic.”  The series includes 22 kinds of notepads, such as those featuring the famed Kaminarimon gate in Tokyo’s Asakusa district, a piano and a camera.


Since each page of the pad is cut with a laser device and processed carefully by hand, it is difficult to produce many notepads quickly, making these notepads one of the priciest.

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