Earth Day is always a day to remind us what we can do to care for the Earth more.

Earth Day is more than just a single day — April 22. Here are a few ways you can celebrate Earth day.

  1. If you are in a situation where you can actually walk, ride your bike, or carpool in order to custom notepadget from place to place, then it may be time for you to consider that. The fewer cars on the road, the better off that we will be when it comes to our atmosphere.
  2. You can volunteer your time to organizations (local or national) that put effort into making the world a better place and helping the environment. There are a lot of great things that you can do, and on Earth Day, there are usually local activities as well.
  3. Did you know that switching all of your bills to e-bills and online invoices can save millions of trees every single year? It’s true! If you are in a position where you can do that without making everything more confusing and stressful, then you definitely want to look at the different things that you can do in the long run.
  4. Education is the key to everything that you do for the environment. If you know more about what you can do to protect the environment, then you will be able to use that knowledge and share it with others who may be interested in it as well. And that, in the long run, can make a big difference.
  5. Do you want to encourage others to get in on the celebration? Then consider putting together what is known as a pledge board at work, school, or your place of worship. You can leave post it notes there so that people can write down the activities that they pledge to do for the environment throughout the next year or so.
  6. Do you have a recycling plan in place? If you already do, start looking into what you have in order to expand what you’re recycling. If you do not, then you want to take a look and see what you can recycle in your local area and if you can work to make a difference in that way.
  7. Do your faucets leak? If so, did you know that this wastes a lot of water on a yearly basis? If you haven’t done so yet, then you may want to look into how you can go ahead and get started with it during the next year.
  8. Plant a tree. Trees are a big part of our earth, and planting one will just add to the health and wellness of the world that we live in.
  9. Join a group that is focused on taking care of the environment and see how you can help. It can get your family involved and excited about everything that is available.
  10. Go to a local event. A lot of communities will have an “Earth Day fair” or something similar that your family can enjoy together and learn from.
  11. Stop drinking bottled water! There are plenty of alternatives out there and, if you stop drinking bottled water, you can save a lot of plastic that would, otherwise, be filling up landfills and dumps.
  12. Consider making your yard an oasis for birds and other creatures. You can put in a bird feeder, install birdhouses, put in a bird bath, and more. By making it comfortable for them, they will be more likely to stick around.
  13. Help kids learn about the environment by installing a play garden. These can help children to start to fall in love with nature while also being a lot of fun and helping them to get their hands a little bit dirty at the same time.
  14. Consider putting together your own garden in your yard. This can save you money, help enrich the area, and it can make it so that you can get more out of what you’re doing on a regular basis.
  15. Use recycled paper, such as eco friendly personalized notepads, for promotional items and giveaways at events all year long.

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