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Business Card Magnetic Calendars

Want to give your clients, customers, peers, or partners a gift that comes in handy? Want to give them something they can genuinely use? Our custom magnetic calendars are the perfect promotional item that always makes a truly lasting impression. Forget calendars that need to be hung up. We here at Captain Notepad believe magnetic calendars are better because they can be stuck on the coveted spot of your kitchen refrigerator. 

What’s more, they’re a super-effective promotional tool. They’re fully customizable and can be handed out at events and meetings or simply sent through the post. The choice is yours. Whatever you do, make sure your brand name and logo are on clear display. Browse our selection to find the magnetic calendar that suits your business!

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Why are our magnetic calendars so valuable?

The main reason why our magnetic calendars are so valuable is that they’re customizable. Adding your brand, name, logo, or company message to the existing design can make any product a highly-effective branding tool. You can gift them to your clients and customers every single year so they have an all-year-round reminder of who you are and what you do for them. 

You want to treat the people who keep your business ticking over well, right? With so many business calendar magnets to choose from, you will definitely find the right calendar that you’ve been looking for. The designs range from tear-off calendars to laminated calendars to calendar magnetic for real estate. Our customization process means the options are quite literally endless too.

Why are our custom magnet calendars so useful?

Everyone needs a calendar! The hustle and bustle of modern life can often make our daily lives overwhelmingly busy, so much so we can easily forget what’s on the agenda. That’s where our custom magnet calendars can come in to save the day. 

They’re not just a hang-up calendar. Instead, they can be stuck to your refrigerator in order to be seen day in, day out - without fail. The kitchen is the social hub of both the home and the office, right? It’s the perfect place to keep any calendar! 

So how do calendars come in handy? 

  • They help you keep on top of daily to-dos.
  • You can be reminded of upcoming events and holidays.
  • You can tick off your important chores and tasks.  
  • You can make quick notes to remind yourself of dates and deadlines. 

Choose our calendar magnets for real estate

If you’re a real-estate business owner looking for a new way to connect with your clients and customers, check out our calendars for real estate. They’re specially designed for the real-estate sector and make exceptional gifts for people looking to buy or sell a home. This particular business sector relies on staying visible, being reliable, and providing genuinely useful knowledge, and our calendars are a perfect way to stay in touch. Our calendars for real estate are also customizable, so make sure you add any personalized touches to impress the recipient.

Choose our tear-off magnetic calendars for all types of businesses

Our business calendar magnets aren’t just for real estate. We have a range of other calendar designs that are suitable for all types of businesses in any type of sector -ranging from hospitality to finance to manufacturing to retail. The list goes on. 

Our tear-off magnetic calendars are particularly valuable for businesses looking for promo items too. They’re super easy to use and act as handy notepads you can make quick notes on throughout the year. Our business calendar magnets are all about making the lives of your customers and clients easier. You never know when you need to jot something important down or add a birthday to the diary!

Choose Captain Notepad!

The Captain Notepad customization process is simple. Choose one of our custom magnet calendars that you think best suits your needs. Then you can add your own personalizations by giving us instructions or simply uploading your art (including your brand name, logo, etc.)

Once we’ve received your order, our designers will get to work and send you a proof to approve. When we know you love the design, we’ll print the business calendar magnets for you and send them to your chosen address. We told you it’s easy!

If you have questions about our tear-off magnetic calendars or our calendar magnets for real estate,  please don’t hesitate to contact us

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