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Real Estate Notepads

  1. Real Estate businessman, Russ Woloch, explains how Captain Notepad enhances his client relations

    “I've always received world-class customer service.” Real estate businessman and loyal Captain Notepad customer, Russ Woloch, has been buying our products for over 8 years now.  As you’ll read from his stories, we here at Captain Notepad, play a vital part in how real estate businesses engage with their clients. We’re proud that our custom products make a huge difference...
  2. 8 Real Estate Marketing Materials You Need

    Establishing yourself as a leading realtor takes strong knowledge and expert experience. But above all, you also need to have an effective marketing plan that draws in your audience and shows them why you’re the authority they should be trusting.  But how do you go about creating a killer property marketing plan? What kind of real estate marketing materials should...
  3. Innovative Marketing Tips For Real Estate Professionals

    Innovation within every industry is essential. The past year with the global pandemic has proven that. Through the change in circumstances, technology has been more heavily relied upon and there are various ways in which companies have diversified. When it comes to real estate marketing, there are many innovative marketing tips for real estate professionals that ensure that you end...
  4. 6 Promotional Merchandise Ideas For Small Businesses

    Marketing for small businesses is vital to spread your brand’s message and build relationships with your customers, both existing and potential. And they often don’t have the budget for huge, large-scale campaigns that larger corporations leverage to reach millions. But one of the best parts of running a small business is that your customers aren’t just numbers to you...
  5. Themed Custom Notepads, Why They Work

    Admit it. The use of personalized notepads for business that have themes has really gained a lot of popularity over the years because of the exceptional positive impact it has made for businesses and companies. Businesses have actually gained more customers when they are reinforcing their names with these advertising campaigns. Business notepads with themes have enough space to accommodate the logo or the name of the company and has been proven effective in highlighting a particular slogan or brand which the company wishes its customers to be aware of. Continue reading →

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