• Is your virtual shopping list spreading the coronavirus?
    Our cell phones serve a multitude of purposes in our lives, with mobile apps making it easy for your smartphone to turn into pretty much anything you like. A camera, game console, ruler, even a shopping list. Let’s face it, our phones have become extensions of our hands. But when it comes to your shopping […]
  • How to Make Sure Your Employees Stay Safe During the COVID-19 Crisis
    With the country on lockdown and offices closed until the foreseeable future, working from home has now become the new norm for many of us. Working professionals are learning how to adapt their at-home workspace to keep them motivated and productive during these unprecedented times.
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    Raise your hand if you’ve unashamedly cried (several times) during “The Notebook” movie. This blockbuster classic is an absolute tear-jerker and will have you invested from the very start. But what makes this particular movie so popular and emotionally gripping? It’s a romantic movie, like so many others out there, right? The Notebook, even though […]
  • Promotional Notepads For Your Business
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