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Pens & Pencils

Personalized Pens and Pencils

Whether you’re looking for personalized pens or pencils for your home or office, we have a wide selection of designs and styles on offer for you to choose from. With our custom pens and pencils available in various designs, we have a variety of options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for customized pens and pencils to use as promotional gifts or for your own use, we have some fantastic options available. 

Brand Your Stationery

At Captain Notepad, we offer a wide range of personalized pens and pencils for you to choose from, ensuring that whatever your specific needs are we are able to effectively meet them with any of our designs. We can customize pens and pencils in a number of ways, from changing the color and layout to adding your logo and any text that you would like printed onto your chosen design. 

Not only are custom pens and pencils useful tools to have, but they can also act as business cards, boosting brand awareness and ensuring that your company remains always at the forefront of your clients’ minds each time they need to grab a pen or a pencil and see your name and logo.

Clients love receiving them and businesses love giving them. Custom pens with logos are one of the items clients hold on to the longest and use over and over, making this a customized promotional item that leaves a lasting impression long after you've done business. Pair our promotional pens and pencils with a professional notepad to seal the deal. Contact us today to learn more.

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