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  1. Magnetic Marketing: How Promotional Fridge Magnets Boost Small Business Visibility

    As your small business grows, maximizing your marketing budget becomes increasingly critical. You want to see a return on every dollar you spend and confirm that your advertising efforts are expanding brand awareness, attracting new customers, and ultimately boosting your bottom line. Enter promotional fridge magnets. Eye-catching, custom-shaped fridge magnets can amplify your exposure to yield impressive returns. Read on...
  2. Customized Calendars For Any Budget

    We're looking at price points of customized calendars to fit any budget. Calendars come in different sizes, styles, and uniqueness. Trying to navigate through the endless amounts of calendars can be consuming. Here we break down our top calendars by price to help you find what you’re looking for. We’ve broken down our calendars in three categories: Great Deals, Price is Right, and Worth The Splurge. Continue reading →
  3. Promotional Notepads For Your Business

    You’re a smart business person, building your brand, and looking for new ways to promote your business. You’ve looked at promotional notepads in the past but didn’t feel like you were able to get what you wanted out of them. At Captain Notepad, we’re here to tell you why you need to invest in promotional notepads and how we can customize notepads to fit your business. Continue reading →
  4. Innovative Ways To Use Sticky Notes

    If you're anything like me, sticky notes are a staple in your house. But how are #smallbusiness companies using them in innovative ways. This post takes a look at new ways to use sticky note pads in your office. After all, sticky notes aren’t just for promotional giveaways to clients, but they are also a great tool to have in the office for your employees to use. Our first post will focus on motivation. See how you can use customized sticky notes to stay focused. Continue reading →
  5. Captain Notepad Announces New Photo Graph Paper

    Captain Notepad, the leader in professional notepads, releases new products this summer   Englewood, CO—Captain Notepad (, a producer of image personalized calendars, professional notepads, magnetic notepads, and other promotional items, today announced its latest products for the season, the new Photo Graph Paper and Suede Business Cards. Products are available now online. Continue reading →
  6. New Graph Paper That You Will Love

    To all the engineers, architects, and graph paper users. Graph paper is something you use on a daily basis. It's a staple to any desk in the world of engineers and architects. There's just one thing about graph paper that can make it a little difficult to use, and that's making copies. At Captain Notepad we listened to our clients...
  7. Post It Persuasion - A Unique Promotional Notepad

    Post-it notes prove over and over again to be efficient advertising and marketing tools for several reasons, the first of which is that people actually keep them. It has been proven time again that companies that receive business cards are likely to throw them away in the trash. On the other hand, post it notes are usually kept because they are so useful to our daily lives. A creative post-it note can be used to capture the attention of potential clients. Captain Notepad has post-it notes in a variety of shapes to make your business unique. They are the perfect marketing tool, they will contain your companies contact information and any particular image you’d like to present. The term "out of sight and out of mind" becomes irrelevant when a customized post-it note is used, because post it notes can be used constantly on a day to day basis. A veterinarian can have a custom notepad in the shape of a paw print. Continue reading →
  8. Real Estate Promotional Items From Captain Notepad

    Ever wonder which promotional items really work? In a sea of promotional materials, it can become overwhelming and frustrating not knowing which ones really work. Don’t throw money away trying to figure out which real estate promotional items work, this guide will give you a breakdown of your different options. Continue reading →
  9. Tips From Real Estate Pros On Generating New Leads

    The marketing world is getting more and more complex, it can be confusing for any realtor to know where and how to generate leads that convert. Here’s a guide with the top real estate lead generation ideas to help you narrow down the options and ensure your marketing dollars create an unbeatable ROI. Continue reading →
  10. Summer 2018 Custom Notepad Trends For Realtors

    It’s that time of year again, when realtors and small business owners are looking to capture the attention of new potential clients. A lot of customers can get stuck in a rut and order the same thing year after year. They often don’t take advantage of other great customize notepads that can make them stand out. Captain Notepad has put together of some top trends we see during this time of year to help realtors and small business owners to start thinking out of the box when it comes to customized notepads. Continue reading →
  11. What Every Small Company Needs To Know

    In today’s technology world, it’s never been easier to start a small business. And yet, it’s still challenging to run a small business successfully. When your budget is limited, marketing your business can be difficult. In this article, we will discuss ways your business can stand out using something as simple as custom notepads. Continue reading →
  12. 3 Great Custom Notepad Products People Love

    Our passion is notepads. A good pen on nice paper makes everyone so much happier than the feel a plastic screen. Every business needs a good promotional item that customers will walk away with loving and wanting to use time after time. Products like the personalized notepads, offer customers convenience and a go to staple for any household. We at Captain Notepad wanted to put together a list of the top selling customized notepads that every small business needs.  Continue reading →
  13. Custom Engineering Professional Notepads

    Custom engineering professional notepads from Captain Notepad are a great way to target specific clients in the engineering, architecture, and design field. These pads contain your firm's contact information and logo which make them great for advertising. Available in a lined, unlined or grid format, these pads offer a variety of uses. From the serious professional in the office to the student in the classroom, these customized business engineering notepads leave a lasting impression. Continue reading →
  14. Captain Notepad Releases 2018 PGA, MLB, and NASCAR Sports Schedules For Promotional Use

    Captain Notepad, the leading manufacturer of promotional notepads, releases 2018 Sports Schedule Custom Calendar Notepad Englewood, CO—Captain Notepad (, a producer of image personalized calendars, custom notepads, professional notepads, and other promotional items, today announced the release of the 2018 PGA, MLB, and NASCAR sports schedules to use with customized notepads for promotional use. Continue reading →
  15. Eco Friendly Professional Notepads For Business

    As we near closer to Earth Day, it's time to take a close look at what eco friendly really means? In today’s society, we often throw around the term very loosely without really knowing what it means to be “eco-friendly” or “going-green”. The true meaning of eco-friendly, is practicing to lead a healthier life for the planet and its inhabitants, big and small. One way to do this is to offer eco-friendly notepads. Continue reading →
  16. Custom Sticky Notes: Keeping Organized

    Your Desk Side Helpers Everyone has had a moment where they feel like they've forgotten something important, but all it takes are a few easy tricks and a stack of sticky note pads to keep you on the right custom sticky notestrack. Whether you're a long-term planner who likes to see the big picture or a person who's more comfortable working on the smaller details, anyone can benefit from being organized in their tasks. The more efficient people are, the less inclined they are to forget important engagements, waste valuable time they could spend with others or feel stress from impending deadlines when they're on top of their business. Continue reading →
  17. Personalized Legal Pads

    Personalized legal pads is our go to business tool for running our business. When I walk into a meeting and look around at the table, it's the one item I can count on being at the table for note taking, agenda following, to do list making, you name it's being used to its fullest at any business meeting. So why the personalized legal pad and not your standard notebook or custom business notepad you may ask? It's all about the design and the utility of it. Continue reading →
  18. Custom Business Calendars Tops The List in 2018

    It’s not too late to order the perfect promotional gift to market your business through our 2018 promotional custom calendars. For any business to prosper advertising is paramount! What better way to accomplish this goal than by using an item that your client will use daily? Magnetic business card calendars from Captain Notepad can accomplish this perfectly. Connect with your clients all year round with these highly customized calendars that will resonate deep with any client encouraging them to come back to your business time and time again. Continue reading →
  19. Hotels Should Extend the Hospitality Long After A Guest’s Visit

    Making guests comfortable is job number one for hotels. After all, happy guests come back again and again. And whether they’re traveling on business or for pleasure, guests can always use a pen and paper to take notes on nearby restaurants, make a list of things to do during their stay or write down everyone’s coffee order. Continue reading →

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