The holiday season is a period of giving and reflection on the previous months—and a view toward the year ahead. For small business owners, it's also a time for optimism, as the holiday shopping season is often one of their most profitable periods.

Many small business owners have a optimistic outlook on the upcoming new year. If you’re not thinking about the future goals of your company, you’ll stagnate and get buried by competition.

Here are a few tips for small businesses in 2017

  1. Not just mobile-friendly but mobile-centric. Mobile users are easily outnumbering desktop users. Businesses need to be more than just mobile-friendly, you need to think about how you can utilize your mobile presence. First thing to do is to make sure your that your website is compatible with any device that it is viewed on. If your site does not adjust its size on mobile devices, it is not responsive. Furthermore, you’re losing customers - lot of them. Next, you need to find a content based solution on your website to get the attention of consumers. Think - Solve the problem, gain a customer.
  2. Mobile payments. More and more people want to pay for goods and services via their mobile device. Accepting mobile payments can eliminate a potential barrier.
  3. Buy buttons and how to utilize them. Buy buttons already exist on social platforms, but they’re rarely used. This is mostly due to the lack of awareness among customers. This may change in 2017. More retailers and consumers will continue to increase their confidence in the “buy” button. So make sure you have one.
  4. Mobile appsIn a recent Gallup poll, it states that 75 percent of Americans check their mobile devices at least once per hour, and 90 percent of that time is spent using apps. Mobile apps increase engagement with your brand, provide you with consumer data and feature an increasing number of methods for marketing to consumers.
  5. Email marketingResearch shows that most companies still view email marketing as one of the best ROI’s for their organization. The secret for creating the most successful email marketing campaign is to provide valued, relevant information to customers.

Now is the perfect time to look at your business and see what you can do to make it even better customized notepadsin 2017. What is your New Year’s resolution for your business? Share your resolutions with us on Facebook. Don’t forget to follow us to see the latest promotions in customized notepads.