Keeping company morale at an all time high is vital for productivity and motivation in the workplace, and there are a few things you can do to perk up the spirit of your coworkers. One of which is sending out unique office gifts that will spark a bit of joy and excitement into their daily grind. 

Gifts for office staff don’t need to be the standard, mediocre merchandise that can be ordered in bulk from your local department store. They can be customized to give a more personal touch, or individually given to suit each coworker and their character or particular likes. 

Here are some unique office gift ideas for coworkers that are sure to make their workdays a lot brighter. 

Gifts for Office Staff

There are several individualistic office gifts that can make your coworker’s working day a lot easier. 

Spiral-bound notebook

One of the best office gifts you can give your fellow employees that is practical and easy to use is a spiral-bound notebook, that they can use in their daily routine. The best thing about this notebook from Captain Notepad is that there are so many different options to choose from to create the perfect, unique notebook to suit the needs and preferences of your coworkers. Notebooks range from having 25 sheets to 200 sheets, depending on how large you would like them to be. They can also be customized to have each coworker’s name and job title for that extra special touch. These spiral notebooks can also easily be ordered in bulk to make the whole buying process simple and straightforward. 

Custom notepad 

If you are after a more personal touch, then our range of custom notepads are a fantastic choice as an office gift. Custom notepads can be branded with your company logo, the employee’s name, or anything else you’d like. Moreover, each custom notepad comes with a set of matching envelopes to make it even easier for you to send them out to clients and customers. They are a great office gift that can be customized and act as an effective promotional tool too. 

Gifts for the Office 

There are a few gifts for the office that will benefit the entire team and can be used and enjoyed by the cohort in an office space. 

Mini memo board 

Our mini memo boards are ideal to hang up in offices and make a great gift for the office to enjoy as a whole. They are perfect for jotting down important reminders for your coworkers or using them as a daily/weekly memo board with the upcoming events of the company. The best thing about these mini memo boards is that they come in a range of designs to suit any industry. So whether you work in real estate, sports, or healthcare, there is a suitable memo board for your office to fit the theme of your field. 

Wall calendars 

If you are looking for an office gift that will last the entire year, then a tear-off magnetic calendar could be the perfect gift for your office. Get 2021 started in the best (and most organized way possible) with a custom made calendar that can be hung up in your office space for the entire team to make the most out of. These magnetic calendars also come with your professional business cards which can include your company logo and contact information. Perfect for sharing with clients and customers and making that all-important lasting impression. These tear-off magnetic calendars can be ordered in bulk at an extremely affordable price, making them the cost-effective office gift you have been looking for! 

Unique Office Gifts from Captain Notepad 

We have a wide range of unique office gifts and stationery that are perfect to give coworkers and employees if you are looking for something different to treat your colleagues within 2021. They are the best alternative to the usual stationery and office supplies that can be easily found on the high street. Most of the gifts can also be custom made to add that all-important personal touch and suit various industries. 

We have a talented team of designers here at Captain Notepad who will set up a digital proof and email it to you within 24 hours. This means that you can receive a visual photo proof of your design and make any tweaks before the final design is printed and sent off to you. To find out more about our range of unique office gifts, get in touch with our team here or give us a call on 866-560-1982.