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  1. 6 Promotional Items Your Customers Will Love: Small Business Merchandise for Boosting Brand Awareness

    Marketing for small businesses is vital for spreading a brand’s message and building relationships with customers, both existing and potential. Unfortunately, they often don’t have the budget for huge, large-scale campaigns that larger corporations leverage to reach millions. But one of the best parts of running a small business is that your customers aren’t just numbers to you—they’re real people...
  2. 4 Ways Customer Relations Improve With Custom Branding

    A company’s branding is one of the initial decisions that are made. Branding is vital in showing a brand’s vision, values and showcasing their business. As a business owner, you may choose to invest in branded content, such as notepads, stationery, apparel, and other items which further showcase your business. Why? Business branding is a way to increase exposure through...
  3. 6 Ways To Use Bulk Custom Stickers To Market Your Small Business

    The past year has diversified the market by changing how people shop. There have been many small businesses that have suffered and many that have succeeded. With over 4.4 million Americans launching small businesses since March of 2020, it’s clear that you need to stand out from the crowd! Custom stickers have increased in popularity due to the range of...
  4. 6 Custom Office Supplies to Welcome Your Team Back to Work

    Can you believe it’s been over a year since businesses all around the world were forced to switch up their day-to-day operations and work remotely full time? Well, now may well be time for your team to return to the office finally...So are you prepared and ready for the change? Thankfully our custom office supplies are the first step towards...
  5. Innovative Ways To Use Sticky Notes

    If you're anything like me, sticky notes are a staple in your house. But how are #smallbusiness companies using them in innovative ways. This post takes a look at new ways to use sticky note pads in your office. After all, sticky notes aren’t just for promotional giveaways to clients, but they are also a great tool to have in the office for your employees to use. Our first post will focus on motivation. See how you can use customized sticky notes to stay focused. Continue reading →
  6. Post It Persuasion - A Unique Promotional Notepad

    Post-it notes prove over and over again to be efficient advertising and marketing tools for several reasons, the first of which is that people actually keep them. It has been proven time again that companies that receive business cards are likely to throw them away in the trash. On the other hand, post it notes are usually kept because they are so useful to our daily lives. A creative post-it note can be used to capture the attention of potential clients. Captain Notepad has post-it notes in a variety of shapes to make your business unique. They are the perfect marketing tool, they will contain your companies contact information and any particular image you’d like to present. The term "out of sight and out of mind" becomes irrelevant when a customized post-it note is used, because post it notes can be used constantly on a day to day basis. A veterinarian can have a custom notepad in the shape of a paw print. Continue reading →
  7. Custom Sticky Notes: Keeping Organized

    Your Desk Side Helpers Everyone has had a moment where they feel like they've forgotten something important, but all it takes are a few easy tricks and a stack of sticky note pads to keep you on the right custom sticky notestrack. Whether you're a long-term planner who likes to see the big picture or a person who's more comfortable working on the smaller details, anyone can benefit from being organized in their tasks. The more efficient people are, the less inclined they are to forget important engagements, waste valuable time they could spend with others or feel stress from impending deadlines when they're on top of their business. Continue reading →
  8. Boost Productivity: Use a Custom Post it

    As an avid post-it user, have you ever stopped to think that a post-it can organize our entire day and by extension an entire year? Perhaps not, but the fact of the matter is that post-it use can be that profound. If you use a post-it or two a day for an entire week and happen to do that fifty-two times in a year, then it is safe to say that you used a post-it to keep your life organized for the entire year. Continue reading →

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