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Jace Rogat

  1. Leveraging Direct Mail and Notepads in Real Estate Marketing

    I. Introduction In the grand scheme of business sectors, the real estate industry is one that rides high on relationships and personal connections. It is where marketing isn't just about selling properties, but about connecting with people. A well-crafted marketing strategy is crucial in this realm, and surprisingly, traditional methods like direct mail still prove to be quite potent. Within...
  2. Why Your Clients Will Love Our Sports Calendars

    From football to baseball to golf, sports season calendars are an essential part of the sport-watching experience. Depending on the sport you follow and the team you support, sports team calendars contain all the information that fans need to enjoy the season’s ups and downs….so why not gift our fully customizable sports calendars to your clients? Client gifts like sports...
  3. How Best to Take Advantage of Business Bumper Stickers

    Thinking of investing in a whole bunch of promotional materials for your business? If so, there’s one specific item you need to include – one you might not necessarily first think of custom business bumper stickers.  You know – the stickers you’ll spot on the front, back, and sides of cars, vans or trucks, or pretty much any type of...

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