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Personalized Notepads (Variable Data)

Just like our variable data customized calendars, we now offer variable data personalized notepads. Our customers agree on how easy it is to order and personalize our notepads. Don’t just send your clients a generic notepad, instead make it more personalized using variable data. Just send us a list of names and we’ll do the rest. Contact us to learn more about customizing your personalized notepads. Browse our selection today, including cheap personalized notepads and personalized notepads you can buy in bulk!

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Variable Data Personalized Notepads 

After noticing the popularity of our variable data customized calendars, we now offer variable data personalized notepads. You spoke and we listened! To make your lives easier as a business with hundreds, sometimes thousands of clients, we now offer notepads you can individually customize with all sorts of personalized information. You give us the info and we’ll get printing. It’s as simple as that.

We here at Captain Notepad always strive to make the lives of our customers easier, and our variable data personalized notepads will do just that. If you have a long contact list of clients and customers, you’ll know firsthand how much they deserve only the best personalization with the gifts and promo items you send them. Thankfully, our variable data printing options can make that happen! 

What is Variable Data Printing?

So what exactly is variable data printing?

Well, in a nutshell, variable data printing is a type of on-demand printing that allows you to customize certain aspects of your design from one print to the next. For example, you might want 100 notepads printed out for each of your customers, but also want them all to feature the unique customer name of the recipient. That’s where variable data printing can come in handy! 

We’re able to print your personalized notepads without any interruptions to the printing process. Each print can be completed all with the simple click of a button! 

Personalized Notepads for Your Businesses 

Variable data printing is commonly used by all types of businesses wanting to up their marketing game, especially those who choose to invest in direct marketing.

Variable data allows you to add extra personalization to your direct marketing, whether it’s customizing a print’s design, graphics, images, or simply adding a name. It’s all about making your customers or clients feel special! Our variable data prints are perfect for your business’s marketing goals. With ultra-personalized notepads, you can target your customers more specifically and start to build a familiar trust. Never underestimate the power of personalized direct marketing!

Our promotional notepads are ideal for any type of business in any type of sector too, from the law sector to entertainment, and the medical sector to retail. You name it, we’ve covered it!

Personalized Notepads in Bulk

Best of all, the variable data printing of our personalized notepads means you can order in bulk! Our variable printing technology allows you to order and print as many unique promotional notepads as you like (hundreds, even thousands), each being its own individual print that’s made for one specific recipient. 

Printing personalized notepads in bulk means you can reach your customers’ mailboxes with just one order with us. And with each print being personalized to just one customer, your promotional notepad will be even more memorable! You’ll stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

Cheap Personalized Notepads 

Ordering personalized notepads in bulk has never been easier. Even better, ordering personalized notepads in bulk has never been so affordable! All of our variable data personalized notepads are fairly priced and you can order per unit. That means you’ll never pay more than you have to. You can simply order the quantity you want. No more. No less. 

Why Choose Us

Why choose Captain Notepad for your personalized notepads and variable printing needs? Well, your 100% satisfaction is our priority. After we’ve received the variable data order, one of our design team members will send you a proof for you to check. Once you’re happy and give us the seal of approval, we’ll get straight to work printing your personalized notepads! 

If you have questions about our personalized notepads or the variable printing process, please feel free to get in touch.

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