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Desk Calendars

Custom Desk Calendars

Our custom desk calendars are a great way to advertise your business with your clients. These desk calendars are a big hit in any office, and work for clients and staff. Contact us today to learn about our free artwork services and take advantage of our special deals on our range of personalized desk pad calendars.

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Desk Calendars for Your Business

Our collection of desk calendars are awesome ways to keep your brand relevant in your clients’ minds and show off your company to other potential clients. We offer a range of different options that are personalizable with our expert art team so you can keep your company visible all year round. 

A Custom Calendar to Showcase Your Brand

Whether you’re a law firm, retailer or realtor, custom desk calendars that expertly show off your brand are always a good idea. Calendars that are placed on desks, shelves and counters are in a great position to catch someone’s eye and provide useful information, like the date!

Plus, they’re a great way to provide your clients with an easy and visible way to contact you, should they need you. You can include contact details on your personalized desk calendars too so that your clients can always reach you.

A Marketing Material Your Clients Will Use

Many direct marketing materials such as flyers and catalogues are all too easily thrown in the garbage or left in a drawer collecting dust. But with desk calendars, you can trust that your hard work and spend on resources won’t be in vain. By sending your audience desk calendars, they’ll get a useful piece of stationery and you’ll be able to spread your brand’s message. Your clients will be able to keep track of plans and remember important dates, while keeping your brand at the forefront of their mind too.

Branded Desk Calendars for Your Team

If you’re a company looking for office stationery for your employees, our custom desk calendars are the perfect addition to any desk. Not only will they help your team keep on track of their week, but they’ll also create a sense of belonging by having your branding visible. They make a great part of a new starter kit for new members of your team to make them feel involved from the start with their very own custom calendar.

Desk Calendars from Captain Notepad

Our collection of desk calendars at Captain Notepad can be easily customized with your company’s branding. This includes:

  • Colors
  • Designs
  • Logos
  • Sizes

And you can include important information on them that your clients will need if they need to contact you or make a recommendation to someone they know. This includes things like:

  • Company name
  • Company address
  • Opening hours
  • Contact details like phone numbers, email addresses and even social media handles.

Our expert art team can translate your branding effortlessly to any personalized desk calendar design. And if you don’t have in-house designers, don’t worry. Our art team will work with you to create the perfect branded desk calendars, free of charge. Just get in touch and send us over any assets that you have, and we can work on producing the perfect design. Once we’re finished, we’ll even send you a render of the final design for you to sign off on. 

With many national shipping options, you can have your custom desk calendars in no time with Captain Notepad. Get yours now.

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