There’s a little nostalgia in the latest craze of coloring. Every grown up has an inner child that wants to have fun and play, and adult coloring books do just that. Whether shopping online or visiting your favorite book store, coloring books are everywhere. Why are these coloring books so popular? Professional behavioral economists point to five reasons why adult coloring books are trending. First, coloring books are fun! Second, it reminds us of our childhood. Who doesn’t remember coloring your favorite picture and taking pride in your work? Third, it’s relaxing. Even just coloring on a simple notepad, can relax anyone. Fourth, you get to be creative without having any drawing skills.

There’s new research that says coloring can reduce anxiety and stress. The number one coloring book sold on Amazon was Stress Relieving Patterns. The book has been described as a positive, stress-relieving, almost meditative activity book.

The great news about coloring books, is that it’s a trend that is here to stay. The popularity of these books and other coloring activities continues to increase month over month. Proving that everyone loves to color.

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