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  1. 6 Promotional Items Your Customers Will Love: Small Business Merchandise for Boosting Brand Awareness

    Marketing for small businesses is vital for spreading a brand’s message and building relationships with customers, both existing and potential. Unfortunately, they often don’t have the budget for huge, large-scale campaigns that larger corporations leverage to reach millions. But one of the best parts of running a small business is that your customers aren’t just numbers to you—they’re real people...
  2. 6 Custom Promotional Products Your Business Needs to Use

    No matter your industry or business size, there are custom promotional products that can do wonders for your brand. Aside from showing off your brand to the world, promotional products can be used to strengthen your relationships with your customers and help to boost brand awareness and engagement.  From water bottles to magnets, promotional products given out for free or...
  3. 5 Tips for Picking The Ideal Business Card Size And Format

    Never underestimate the power of a business card! They might seem a tad out of fashion in the days of social media and digital advertising. However, there’s something still so unique and compelling about handing out your pocket-sized keepsake for people to tuck into their wallets. But the critical question is, what makes a sound business card? And what’s the...
  4. Jazz Up Your Direct Marketing Solutions With These Items

    Are you looking to add a little excitement to your direct marketing services? Captain Notepad knows firsthand how important it is to continually give your business a marketing boost, and our direct marketing solutions are a perfect way to keep on top of your all-important promotions. Often when running a business we can become complacent in how we choose to...
  5. A Guide to Increase Engagement For Realtors

    It’s always easier said than done to be unique in the way your market your real estate company. There’s so much that goes into making a good marketing campaign and one that leaves a lasting impression with your clients. So coming up with unique and different ways to promote your business can be challenging. Here’s a quick guide from Captain Notepad, the leader in branded promotional items. Continue reading →
  6. Ordering The Right Business Card For Your Small Business

    In our 4 part series on What Your Small Business Needs, we look at how companies can benefit from ordering the right business card. It’s important to set yourself apart from your competition and have a visible professional image. One of the best and easiest ways to get your company name out there is through creative business cards. Custom business cards can instantly give your company recognition and credibility. Continue reading →
  7. What Your Small Business Needs

    As leaders in the customized notepad business, we see a lot of small businesses ask us how they can stand out from their competitors without spending a lot of money. In this article we examine what a small business needs in order to compete with competition. We know that customized notepads and unique business cards are just one part of supporting your small business. Continue reading →
  8. What’s Trending in Customized Notepads in 2016

    As the year comes to a close, it’s time to start thinking about 2016 and what is trending in customized notepads and promotional items. Instead of having the same standard notepads that you have used every year, now is the time to start thinking outside the box and looking at what can be done with customized notepads. Continue reading →
  9. Creative Business Card Ideas

    Think beyond the standard business cards to get notice. In this article, you’ll see creative business card ideas that will inspire you to step outside of the box. A business card can be a great way to leave a long lasting impression. The small but powerful marketing tools should make you stand out and showcase your unique company in a creative way. Continue reading →
  10. Important Things to Include on your Business Card

    Whether you’re a business owner or an employee, you’ll want to get your name out as much as possible. The best way to do this is by designing your own personal business card. Custom business cards are affordable and can be passed out as an advertising tool, read our article Custom Business Cards, a Great Advertisement Tool to learn more. Here are a few things we found important to include on any unique business card. Continue reading →
  11. Custom Business Cards, a Great Advertisement Tool

    Take out your business card and study it. What is it saying about you? Does it make you want to invest in this person or company? One of the most valuable business tools is a business card, and not just any business card, but a custom business card that really speaks to who you and your brand are. In some businesses, a business card is even more important than a car or even a computer. A luxury business card, like a suede textured card, performs a multitude of tasks including advertising your business to other people. It actually helps in projecting your business image. A custom business card is left as a reminder long after the owner has left the place. It is easy for one to trace you using the business card as it contains information including your address and phone number, among other details. Continue reading →
  12. Why Creative and Unique Business Cards Work For You

    The first and the most valuable marketing tool to an entrepreneur is a business card. For some, it may be trivial, but ignoring the vitality of a business card is at the peril of the entrepreneur. The first rule of strategic marketing is being unforgettable, and the business card being the first marketing tool at your disposal, it has to have elements of being unforgettable. Unfortunately, many business cards are just a blend of poor color and font choice, and fail to have that factor that make it stand out from the rest. Let us examine ways of designing creative and unique business cards that are sure to stand out. Continue reading →

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