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  1. Is your virtual shopping list spreading the coronavirus?

    Our cell phones serve a multitude of purposes in our lives, with mobile apps making it easy for your smartphone to turn into pretty much anything you like. A camera, game console, ruler, even a shopping list. Let’s face it, our phones have become extensions of our hands. But when it comes to your shopping list, your phone might actually be doing more harm than good. From germs to risks of breakage, there are a whole host of reasons why opting for a paper notepad could be the quicker, and safer, option for you when you head out shopping.  Continue reading →
  2. How to Make Sure Your Employees Stay Safe During the COVID-19 Crisis

    With the country on lockdown and offices closed until the foreseeable future, working from home has now become the new norm for many of us. Working professionals are learning how to adapt their at-home workspace to keep them motivated and productive during these unprecedented times. Continue reading →
  3. How to Be More Productive Working from Home with These Must-Have Stationery Tools

    With the majority of office spaces closing in the face of the COVID-19 epidemic, most of us are having to work from home more than we ever have before. It can be difficult to blend the comfortable space of home with your everyday work and professional tasks. The dining area that was reserved for dinner guests has now been converted into a full-on office space to accommodate your multiple screens and endless wires.  But no matter how many times you reposition your screens, and how many fake plants you put in the room to make it both homely and office-like, it can be very demotivating to work in isolation day-in and day-out from the four walls of your house.  That’s why it’s important to get organized and create what we like to call a “productive planner” to keep you both motivated and on top of your working schedule. With so many screens to look at, it can easily feel like you’re going cross-eyed. Give your eyes a well-deserved and much-needed break, and use a good old-fashioned pen and paper to create an efficient and productive work schedule.  Continue reading →
  4. Sending Love Letters to Keep it Personal in the Age of COVID-19 with Custom Notepads!

    Raise your hand if you’ve unashamedly cried (several times) during “The Notebook” movie. This blockbuster classic is an absolute tear-jerker and will have you invested from the very start. But what makes this particular movie so popular and emotionally gripping? It’s a romantic movie, like so many others out there, right? The Notebook, even though released in the modern-day 20th century, takes us back to an era of good old-fashioned romance. The main characters only had pen and paper to express their feelings and were their only form of communication.  Continue reading →
  5. Promotional Notepads For Your Business

    You’re a smart business person, building your brand, and looking for new ways to promote your business. You’ve looked at promotional notepads in the past but didn’t feel like you were able to get what you wanted out of them. At Captain Notepad, we’re here to tell you why you need to invest in promotional notepads and how we can customize notepads to fit your business. Continue reading →
  6. Innovative Ways To Use Sticky Notes

    If you're anything like me, sticky notes are a staple in your house. But how are #smallbusiness companies using them in innovative ways. This post takes a look at new ways to use sticky note pads in your office. After all, sticky notes aren’t just for promotional giveaways to clients, but they are also a great tool to have in the office for your employees to use. Our first post will focus on motivation. See how you can use customized sticky notes to stay focused. Continue reading →
  7. Customized Calendars For Any Budget

    We're looking at price points of customized calendars to fit any budget. Calendars come in different sizes, styles, and uniqueness. Trying to navigate through the endless amounts of calendars can be consuming. Here we break down our top calendars by price to help you find what you’re looking for. We’ve broken down our calendars in three categories: Great Deals, Price is Right, and Worth The Splurge. Continue reading →
  8. Themed Custom Notepads, Why They Work

    Admit it. The use of personalized notepads for business that have themes has really gained a lot of popularity over the years because of the exceptional positive impact it has made for businesses and companies. Businesses have actually gained more customers when they are reinforcing their names with these advertising campaigns. Business notepads with themes have enough space to accommodate the logo or the name of the company and has been proven effective in highlighting a particular slogan or brand which the company wishes its customers to be aware of. Continue reading →
  9. Captain Notepad Announces New Photo Graph Paper

    Captain Notepad, the leader in professional notepads, releases new products this summer   Englewood, CO—Captain Notepad (, a producer of image personalized calendars, professional notepads, magnetic notepads, and other promotional items, today announced its latest products for the season, the new Photo Graph Paper and Suede Business Cards. Products are available now online. Continue reading →
  10. New Graph Paper That You Will Love

    To all the engineers, architects, and graph paper users. Graph paper is something you use on a daily basis. It's a staple to any desk in the world of engineers and architects. There's just one thing about graph paper that can make it a little difficult to use, and that's making copies. At Captain Notepad we listened to our clients...

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