Custom notepad printing services are one of the most cost-effective and memorable ways to promote your business. 

At Captain Notepad, we’re passionate in our beliefs that making a business stand out from the competition is all about creating a memorable introduction that lasts. It’s not the amount of money you throw into a marketing campaign. 

That’s why we’ve put together this guide on everything you need to know about custom notepad printing. Find out why cheap notepad printing doesn’t have to mean poor quality and how the benefits of custom notepad marketing can attract more attention and help bring in loyal customers.   


What Is Custom Notepad Printing? 

Custom notepad printing is the process of placing your promotional campaigns on printed notepads (or other pieces of stationery). They can be used as essential items to make your company more memorable

Notepad printing services will take your business logo or design ideas and bring them to life on handy notepads that sit on the desks of businesses and potential customers for months on end. 


What Are the Benefits of Using a Notepad Printing Service?

A customized notepad printing campaign offers a host of benefits. If you’re wondering whether investing in company logo notepads is worthwhile, here are six of the greatest advantages. 

1. Greater Visibility

Custom logo notepads make forgetting your company’s name very difficult. It’s the kind of brand visibility that other companies pay a fortune to get online since the notepads provide a highly innovative way to keep your company directly in front of customers, 24/7.

2. Maximum Memorability 

Companies and office workers alike love free goodies. There’s no doubt that your custom notepads will be used time and time again. 

What does this mean for your business? It means that every time someone needs to scribble down a note or remember an important date, your brand is there for all to see. And the next time they need services in the industry you’re advertising, there you are, ready to scoop up that business. 

3. More Affordability 

Finding a reputable and experienced notepad printing service means getting cheap notepad printing that looks expensive. Some well-crafted notepads are perfect in this modern age of online ads flashing before our eyes and immediately vanishing again. 

It’s about what you choose to do with the budget you have available to you. Choose wisely, and your modest budget can bring an unlimited amount of new business. 

4. Total Practicality 

A personalized method of marketing your business isn’t the only benefit of enlisting custom notepad printing services. One of the biggest complaints in every office is the lack of notepads and pens to go around. 

What better way to introduce yourself than to offer practical stationery that serves a purpose instead of intruding on their website browsing during the day? 

5. Better Brand Relationships

Practicality and cost aside, you’re taking the proper steps toward creating a long-term brand relationship with future clients by distributing custom notepads with your logo. 

Your business is no longer one of the many faceless companies out there. Instead, you’re getting ahead of your competitors by making an emotional connection that’s more meaningful than just sending an email out promoting your products.

6. The Ultimate Human Touch

The lost art of the human element to a business relationship is resurrected by using a notepad printing service. People are more likely to act on emotions. This small gesture is sure to pay off greatly later on as you continue developing it into a successful new business relationship. 


Notepad Printing Services: Captain Notepad to the Rescue! 

Whether you’re looking for cheap notepad printing for your school, family event, business, or sports team, we’ve got you covered at Captain Notepad. 

We offer the widest selection of custom notepad printing, from as small as 2” x 4” to 18” x 12”. Do you have a more specific size in mind? Perhaps you need something in between, like 8.5 x11 notepad printing? Not a problem. Just let us know, and we’ll see what we can do to make your orders personalized and in your desired sizes. 


Why Choose Captain Notepad? 

The Captain Notepad team understands how much work goes into launching and marketing an event or business venture. That’s why we offer custom notepad printing in the USA that’s affordable and of the highest quality. Furthermore, our custom logo notepads are designed to fit perfectly on any desk in any office. 

While our standard pads contain roughly 50 sheets of quality paper, each pad that we offer can be easily customized to contain anything from 25-100 sheets per pad, depending on your specific needs.

We use high-quality bond paper personalized from a standard light paper of 20lb to 32lb for our higher standard paper types. Bulk orders of our custom notepad printing can be further customized for your marketing purposes. 

In fact, if you have specific ideas of what you want but can’t find what you’re looking for, let us know via email at: [email protected]


Custom Notepad Printing: Where Practicality Meets Marketing 

Custom notepad printing provides a smart thinking new business with an imaginative way to get a foot in the door with new clients. Sheet after sheet will proudly display your company logo and contact information, bringing practicality to your marketing and making your business a permanent part of an office workday.

Does Your Business Need Custom Notepad Printing? 

If you’re eager to form long-term business relationships with clients or gain trust and confidence in a new area you’re advertising in, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Do you have a tight marketing budget? You’ll soon find that just a few sheets of branded notepad paper will travel far and serve as a constant reminder of your company to others. 
Are you ready to get started? Contact Captain Notepad today.