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  1. Unleashing Precision: A Guide to Choosing the Right Grid Size for Your Engineering Pad

    From the coziest closet to the biggest bridge, design isn’t just about numbers and blueprints; it's about meticulously translating ideas into reality. Every line, every angle, every minute detail plays a crucial role in the symphony of innovation. Enter engineering paper, the unsung hero of the design world, a canvas primed for precision and the bedrock of countless groundbreaking creations...
  2. The Secret Weapon of Engineers: Unveiling the Unconventional Uses of Custom Graph Paper

    Imagine the engineering world stripped bare of its iconic element: the humble graph paper pad. While digital advancements dominate countless industries, this simple tool remains firmly anchored in the arsenal of seasoned professionals. But why? It's not nostalgia; custom engineering paper offers a unique—and often unconventional—set of superpowers that even the most cutting-edge software cannot replicate.  Breaking Beyond the Standard...
  3. From Back of the Napkin to CAD Masterpiece: The Synergistic Power of Paper and Pixels

    In the realm of engineering and architecture, Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software reigns supreme. Its precision, efficiency, and 3D capabilities have revolutionized the design process. Yet, amid the dominance of digital tools, a humble analog relic endures: the engineering graph paper pad. While some may assume that graph paper has become obsolete in the face of advanced CAD software, its continued...
  4. Leveraging Direct Mail and Notepads in Real Estate Marketing

    I. Introduction In the grand scheme of business sectors, the real estate industry is one that rides high on relationships and personal connections. It is where marketing isn't just about selling properties, but about connecting with people. A well-crafted marketing strategy is crucial in this realm, and surprisingly, traditional methods like direct mail still prove to be quite potent. Within...
  5. Say Hello With a Post It

    There’s a post-it war going on in Denver between two buildings and it’s getting a lot of buzz. It all started with a simple hi. The #5280PostItWars got us thinking about how so many of our clients are looking for ways to stand out and make an impression using custom promotional items like post its. Continue reading →
  6. How to Make Your Business Stand Out Using Custom Printed Notepads - Be Creative, Part 2 of 3

    In part one of our three part series, we discussed the importance of standing out in your industry. Branding your business, and using marketing materials such as , helps your business stand out from the rest. We know that it takes people at least 7 times of seeing something to finally remember that name/brand, so why not take advantage of that and give your consumers something that they will use every day. Continue reading →
  7. Small Businesses Can Stand Out Using Custom Printed Notepads, Part 1 of 3

    custom printed notepadLet’s face it. Marketing your business is tricky. Your budget is limited. And you don’t have time to reinvent the wheel. Differentiating yourself from your competition, however, is crucial to your success. In this three part series, we will discuss ways for your business to stand out using something as simple as professional notepads. Continue reading →

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