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  1. Magnetic Kitchen Notepads Optimize Your Advertising Dollars!

    Behind every small business, is an even smaller advertising budget. So that means that every penny counts when getting your business name and brand in the face of your clients. The goal of every small business owner is to optimize their advertising dollars and capture the client’s attention. Captain Notepad helps to do that by offering high-quality magnetic kitchen notepads. Continue reading →
  2. Celebrate Earth Day with Environmental Notepad Products

    Earth Day, an annual event, began in 1970 and is now celebrated in over 192 countries. On this day, events occur all over the world to demonstrate support for protecting the environment. It is a most important event because it emphasizes the need for everyone to do whatever he or she can do to keep our environment clean and safe. In addition, Earth Day is important because almost everywhere you look, nature is under assault and if damage is not repaired in time, then our world will eventually deteriorate to the point where it will become uninhabitable. Continue reading →

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