Ever wonder which promotional items really work? In a sea of promotional materials, it can become overwhelming and frustrating not knowing which ones really work. Don’t throw money away trying to figure out which real estate promotional items work, this guide will give you a breakdown of your different options.


  1. Personalized Note Pads: We’re not just talking your business logo and contact info. Captain Notepad offers something unique to its clients, Variable Data Custom Notepads. Variable data is where elements such as text and graphics, can be changed from one printed piece to the next without stopping or slowing down the printing process while using information from a database. It’s simple, all we need is the design option you want and a list of client names, and we’ll do the rest. These personalized note pads are great for realtors and Etsy customers looking for something that will leave a lasting impression.
  2. Adult Coloring Notepads: The adult coloring trend is still popular. These notepads have a multipurpose, a notepad, a coloring sheet, and a friendly reminder of your business. There’s new research that says coloring can reducustomized notepadsce anxiety and stress. The number one coloring book sold on Amazon was Stress Relieving Patterns. The book has been described as a positive, stress-relieving, almost meditative activity book. The great news about coloring books, is that it’s a trend that is here to stay. The popularity of these books and other coloring activities continues to increase month over month. Proving that everyone loves to color. This is a customized notepad that is perfect for your next promotion or giveaway. Captain Notepad offers a variety of different styles and designs to choose from, we even offer these notepads with variable data.
  3. Door Knockers: There’s a famous realtor who built his business from scratch closing over 100 homes per year just by using door hangers. The biggest benefit of door hangers is that your leads are guaranteed to see your message.
  4. Seed Packets: Customize your seed packets as you would a customized notepad. These seed packets are great leave behinds in open houses, not only will your future clients remember this non-traditional giveaway, but they will remember who gave it to them when they plant it and watch it grow in their garden. Captain Notepad has a variety of different flower seeds to choose from that fits your climate.
  5. Shaped Sticky Notes: Sticky pads can be designed into a house, a light bulb, you name it, we can design it. These are perfect stand out customized notepads that clients love using.
  6. Magnetic Notepads: Captain Notepad offers something different for magnetic notepads, The  Ultimate Mag-Pad has brought new excitement to the product line, business can now take advantage of all the real estate on notepads, leaving no blank spaces. You can take advantage of the normally blank backing on magnetic notepads and include your logo, business name, and useful information like a calendar or sports schedule.
  7. Sports Schedules: This is a great time to buy the upcoming season’s sports schedule magnets to use for promotional giveaways and leave behinds for potential clients. It goes beyond the standard customized notepad but still allows for complete customization with your business name and contact information. MLB, NASCAR, PGA, NBA, NFL, and more. If your client base is a sports fan, they will love receiving these custom sports calendars to add to their fridge. Not only does it make a great promo gift, but it is also a great advertising tool.
  8. Calendars: The Ultra Slim Magnetic Calendars can be mailed with one first class stamp. This magnetic calendar is so thin, that you can mail them with just one stamp. It’s ultra thin, making it perfect for mailing as a promotional gift. This hot item is one of our best sellers and can be ordered anytime of the year.


Don’t wait to order your real estate promotional items, order now and take advantage of our specials promotions, such as our FREE artwork services. Your clients will love receiving any of these items at your next event or open house. To learn more about how to customize your next order, contact us today at 888-268-7237.