Business cards seem to serve only one purpose, but there's more to them than you might think. They don't just represent your company; they also express their personality using unique logos, brand colors, and design patterns. A business card is what you make it! 

But, what's the difference between traditional and modern business cards? And how do you know which better suits you? Well, we're about to tell you everything you need to know. 

Are Paper Business Cards Dead? 

Paper business cards are like many other things of the past: old but still in style. They will never be a thing of the past. 

Not only do business cards create opportunities, but they also help boost sales. With a concrete networking plan, your company can build an authentic brand identity and create a chain of personal relationships. These include sponsors, clients, and customers who advertise your company to others. 

Other Types of Business Card

Did you know that paper business cards are not the only type of business card out there? There are plenty of different options, so if formal isn't the route you want to take, you can try any of these instead: 

Digital Business Cards 

A digital business card is what it says on the tin: it's a digital version of a traditional paper business card. Thanks to the likes of modern technology, you can share digital business cards, and they're easily accessible, too. And it seems as though many businesses are adopting digital options when it comes to sharing vital company information. 

Modern Business Cards 

A sound business card is an effective marketing tool. Print the correct details! Clients will share a good business card with others. More so if they think the service lives up to the ad. 

No matter what people say, the best kind of business generates through word of mouth. You can achieve this with the help of a modern business card, and you'll be pleased to know that you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on wasted cards and ink. Just a handful of business cards make all the difference, but it depends on the size of your company. 

Contemporary Business Cards 

If you want just the right amount of modern, contemporary business cards are the one for you. Different design templates help modern and traditional businesses market to new demographics. 

Business Card Stickers

Usually, the best marketing strategies consist of online and offline efforts. This includes business card stickers. Offline marketing depends on things like these for one reason: your business needs all the help it can get if you're not advertising online! 

Business card stickers are cheap, fully customizable, and people are more likely to notice your business if it's plastered around the neighborhood. But there's a way to showcase your business in a way that doesn't bombard people. If you sell your name to the right people, your business will flourish without paying for online ads. 

Choosing the Best Business Card Template

Business cards play a vital role in getting your brand name out there! Not only that, but the right business card shapes the future of your company. At the same time, it builds your network of clients and customers through word-of-mouth. And the more business cards you have, the more people will know your name! 

Now you know modern is best, the question is... how do you choose the best business card template? You have to be sure you've picked the right one for your business of all the options out there. All companies are different; they share different values, personalities, and opinions. So, what works well for one business may not work so well for yours. 

Take your time and learn your stuff about the different options out there. Here are a few of the best options for you: 

Simple business cards 

Keeping it simple is a great option. Sometimes, short is best, but you've got to use powerful words and make a long-lasting impression. Otherwise, your words mean nothing. Simple is the most effective and is generally the cheaper option for many things. 

Modern real estate business cards

If you want to get specific, modern real estate business cards are a great example of what you can build. Real estate are words you hear and yawn just thinking about selling properties and talking business, right? But modern real estate business cards kick it up a notch! You can say everything you need to say on one card without sounding like a boring cliché sales assistant. 

Modern professional business cards

It's hard finding the right balance between modern and professional. The two can overlap if you're not careful, and what you'd hoped would look professional can turn out too trendy, and you'll have to start all over again. But there are many businesses out there that can help you get the balance just right from the get-go. Modern professional business cards are just a click away! 

What Your Business Card Should Look Like

When designing business cards, make sure you include all the essentials. A sound business card usually features: 

  • The brand/company logo with matching brand colors
  • Company name 
  • Your company tagline
  • Your name, or the name of the worker you're designing the business cards for 
  • Your (or their) job title 
  • Company website 
  • Essential direct contact details, i.e., mobile number, email address 

Our point is, as a business, it matters how you share your contact details. Every client, customer, or business associate deserves an easy way to contact you should they ever need to. So be sure to pick the best type of business card and make it stand out. 

To do this, weigh up a couple of things - the most important being your brand tone of voice and personality. Something as simple as expressing your brand personality and your unique voice style on paper (or card) can be all it takes to build trust. 

Lastly, consider modern or traditional business cards. Which sounds better to you? Traditional may not always help you achieve the results you deserve, while modern business cards are sure to turn heads. Plus, if you put some thought into the design and style, you can make simple modern business cards look as professional as traditional business cards. 

But, no pressure. Choosing between traditional paper and modern business cards is a big decision, and you should take your time with it. After all, you want to make sure they're perfect the first time. Build your business cards from scratch or use a range of templates through Captain Notepad. They have everything from modern business card designs and templates to cards that you can build from scratch so that you can get straight to the important stuff!