No matter your industry or business size, there are custom promotional products that can do wonders for your brand. Aside from showing off your brand to the world, promotional products can be used to strengthen your relationships with your customers and help to boost brand awareness and engagement. 

From water bottles to magnets, promotional products given out for free or sold at events can be a really powerful tool for your business when it comes to your brand’s visibility and reputation. Everyone loves a freebie or good discount, and this is why promotional items are especially useful for smaller businesses looking to get their name out there. Custom promotional products are cost-effective and add something extra to your services. 

Plus, when you customize these products, you can really maximize the impact of your marketing strategy on your customer relationships. Building awareness and familiarity with your audience is absolutely essential if you want to capture their attention and secure their business, after all.

Why invest in promotional products?

Before we delve into which custom promotional products are best for you – let’s look at just a few of why it makes sense to invest in them. As an extra cost for your business, it’s understandable if you’re unsure whether this will be worthwhile. However, the benefits that unique promotional products provide are all you need to make your decision. 

Promote a new launch

If you’re launching a new product, event, or even brand, custom promotional products aid in the process. You could choose to give out your products at the launch event or as a freebie when a customer purchases your new product. 

Raise brand awareness

For new businesses; building brand awareness is crucial for bringing in sales and growing a presence in your market. 

Increase customer loyalty

Good customer relationships result in a loyal customer base – and your services have to go above and beyond if you want to win that loyalty. Boost your chances of delighting your customers by including promotional products as free items in orders or as part of a welcome pack. 

Improve customer retention

When your customers feel positive towards your brand, they’ll be more likely to return – and promotional products can get you there. 

Add value to your existing services

Another opportunity that custom promotional products can bring to businesses of all sizes and industries is adding value to your business offering. Whether you’re a service provider or product retailer, there are many ways to give your customers something extra. 

The best custom promotional products to get started with

What sets the best promotional products from the rest, you ask? The ones that are well-thought-out, designed and implemented, of course. After you’ve found your ideal picks, you don’t need to look for promotional product suppliers because we’ve got you covered at Captain Notepad. 

  1. For practical promotional products everyone can use – stationery

Stationery works so well as a promotional product because it’s so useful. Whether a custom notepad or branded ruler, your customers will find many uses for stationery items. They’re perfect as a part of a goody bag or welcome pack, too – so you really can’t go wrong with this idea. 

While these aren’t unique promotional products, their undeniable practicality makes them a great choice for various businesses and budgets. 

  1. For eco-friendly companies – recycled products

If your business is all about being environmentally friendly, then you’ll want to make sure that your promotional products aren’t causing more harm than good. This doesn’t mean you have to give up on your promotional strategy altogether, though.

There are a whole range of recycled promotional products that you can choose from, whether it’s recycled notepads to biodegradable bottles. These items also work perfectly for any Earth Day promotions or awareness campaigns. 

  1. For fashion-forward customers – clothing and accessories

If your brand is consumer-facing, and your customers are passionate about their support for you, then apparel is the way to go when it comes to custom promotional products. You can create beautiful t-shirts or stylish tote bags that sport your brand and provide a little free marketing as your customers wear them out and about. 

For those of you who aren’t as design-minded, don’t worry – you can still get your hands on fashionable promotional apparel. Our in-house art team can help you bring ideas to life and design prints that’ll catch your customers’ eye, free of charge.

  1. For the perfect summertime promotion – seed packets

Looking for a good way to encourage your customers to enjoy the great outdoors and to market your business? Seasonal promotions are a great way to do both, and don’t require too much investment thanks to their short-term nature. Seed packets are an awesome choice here, because they give your customers a fun project to start, and provide beautiful blooms or tasty vegetables as a reward for their commitment!

These promotional products can be fully customized and provide a key opportunity to display more than just your branding. For example, if your brand has a charity it likes to support, the space on seed packets can be used to give more information. 

  1. For tech-focused brands – electronics and accessories

Whether you work in or around the tech industry, it makes sense for your promotional items to be related to tech too. Rather than some of the other ideas we’ve covered, your customers are likely to find use in electronics items such as portable chargers or accessories for their own gadgets like mousepads. Whatever you choose, your branding can be printed onto these products, so the next time they reach for some tech, your company won’t be far from their mind. 

  1. For food-focused companies or retailers – drinkware

Mugs, reusable water bottles, thermoses – the list of drinkware goes on. These ultra-practical items always go down a treat with customers, no matter your business, because they transcend any season, industry or trend. Your customers will always appreciate a free branded bottle or mug, and will be helping to spread awareness of your brand every time they take a sip. 

Although promotional drinkware is suited to everyone, it’s particularly useful for food and drink retailers – or those looking to develop a more permanent merchandise line to accompany their current products. 

Custom promotional products at Captain Notepad

If you’re looking for a dependable promotional product company to help you bring your promo strategy to life, we can help at Captain Notepad. Most of the items we’ve covered in this blog can be found on our online store – and as wholesale promotional products, are super cost-effective too. They’re also fully customizable to your business’ exact needs and branding, and our in-house art team can provide any support you might need. Help boost brand awareness and engagement with custom promotional products from Captain Notepad. Get started and please do get in touch if you’ve any questions about our products.