Never underestimate the power of a business card! They might seem a tad out of fashion in the days of social media and digital advertising. However, there’s something still so unique and compelling about handing out your pocket-sized keepsake for people to tuck into their wallets. But the critical question is, what makes a sound business card? And what’s the ideal business card size and format?

Well, the truth is, the possibilities are bountiful! Business cards can come in, you guessed it, all shapes, sizes, and dimensions, so get as creative as you like. There may be a standard business card size that most businesses stick to, but whoever said that rules aren’t made to be broken? 

Be bold and be imaginative because business card dimensions are all about standing out and making your brand memorable. So without further ado, let Captain Notepad take you through what you need to know about picking the ideal business card size, format, and design. We’ll give you five handy questions you should be asking yourself!

There’s No Such Thing as a Perfect Business Card Size!

First things first, there’s no such thing as a perfect business card size! There’s no one answer because the size of a business card varies depending on personal specifications and how you want to represent and stylize your brand identity

Thinking outside the box is the right way to go. Making sure the recipient keeps hold of the card and remembers your brand is the entire point, right? A dull, forgettable, and instantly disposable business card misses the mark, so always make your business card unique and worthy of keeping.

What is the Standard Business Card Size?

Although creativity is vital and the choice is totally down to you, a standard business card size is a basic guideline. Typically, a business card will be around 84mm x 55mm - the same kind of size that a credit card or driving license is. Ultimately, you want the card to fit inside the pouch of a wallet or purse snugly.

Remember, this is only a recommended guideline. The size of a business card depends on how willing you are to go against the grain. Captain Notepad has an exciting variety of business cards for you to browse, so check them out for more inspiration on standard business card sizes. 

1. Do You Want Them Large or Small?

The answer to this question depends on how much information you want to be packed onto your card. As we’ve already mentioned, the standard size of 84mm x 55mm is usually enough to cover the space for your name, logo, and any contact details. So if you want to include even more essential info on your services, more significant might be best!

On the other hand, a mini business card might be a super cute way of standing out. They’re lighter, more portable, plus you’ll save on the material costs too.

2. How Thick Should The Business Cards Be? 

Believe it or not, but business cards also come in various thicknesses. So do you want them thin and light? Or thick and a little heavier? Well, once again, the decision is yours to make. 

In a nutshell, it all depends on the business card paper that you use. Just make sure that the card material that you use is sturdy and durable!

Another factor you might want to consider is the texture and finish of your card. Do you like it coated or uncoated? Do you want it classically matte or glossy? Here at Captain Notepad, we have a selection of cards that are all finished differently. Some of our most popular designs include:

Raised Foil Business Card

Add a flash of brilliance with our Raised Foil Business Cards that have metallic embossment effects. They’re printed on a 16pt card stock and can enhance your all-important design details.

Suede Textured Business Card

You can feel the difference with our Suede Textured Business Cards, which are luxuriously soft to touch. They’re printed with the highest quality offset equipment on a 16pt card stock and are scuff-resistant. 

Luster Extra-Heavy Business Card

Upgrade your design with our Luster Extra-Heavy Business Cards. They are printed on a 16pt stock card with a 3mil laminate gloss on both sides. Best of all, they’re super durable and even water-resistant!

3. Do You Want Portrait or Landscape?

The standard business card dimensions usually come in a landscape format, but that’s no reason you should have to stick to the traditional formula. Why not try out a portrait design to stand out from your competition? 

The answer to this debate depends on what’s suitable for your brand. If you’re up for being a little more fresh and creative, choosing a portrait design will show that you’re an unconventional and forward-thinking business. But sticking with the landscape is perfectly suitable for more traditional-style brands who want people to know they’re honest, professional, and mean serious business!

4. Do You Want Curved or Squared Edges?

Another factor you should consider is whether you want curved or squared edges. Now we know what you might be thinking, does it matter? Well, the truth is, every minor detail matters when it comes to choosing your business card dimensions and design. You have to think about the small things!

So, what’s the actual difference between curved and squared edges? Well, curved edges, of course, provide a much softer ergonomic design that is more pleasing to the touch. Plus, softer curved edges are less common, so you’re more likely to stand out. On the other hand, squared edges are the classic option with a formula that’s worked perfectly fine for years. Why switch it up when you don’t need to? But once again, it all depends on what’s more appropriate for your brand identity. 

5. What’s Your Overall Design?

Last but certainly not least, you need to think about the overall design of your business card. Your choice of style, colors, and embossments will ultimately determine your options of sizes and formats too. So brainstorm what design elements are most important to you. Getting your personality across is vital!

Your business card should say who you are, what you do, and why your potential customers should only keep your business card and throw any others away into the trash. 

How Can Captain Notepad Help?

All of the business card designs that we offer are customizable to your tastes, preferences, and specifications. Simply add any customization instructions to your order and upload the art that you want to be printed. 

Most importantly, one of our talented designers will set up a proof and send it over to you within 24 hours to give the seal of approval! 

For more information on our vast range of custom business cards, please do contact us. We’re always happy to help answer any questions you may have!