Personalized Legal Pads

Personalized legal pads is our go to business tool for running our business. When I walk into a meeting and look around at the table, it's the one item I can count on being at the table for note taking, agenda following, to do list making, you name it's being used to its fullest at any business meeting. So why the personalized legal pad and not your standard notebook or custom business notepad you may ask? It's all about the design and the utility of it.


I realized that tasks fell through the cracks when they rotted and started to stink at the bottom of a digital list, but they did not when each and every day they were written out by hand. You get sick of writing and re-writing the task, and you will eventually identify what is holding you up, and figure out a way to cross it off.

My personalized legal notepad includes, 9 hand-written work-tasks below that, a few personal tasks at the bottom, and a small check-box drawn to the left of each one. I now start each day reviewing the previous days yellow sheet, and making sure that each item not crossed off is re-written on today's list. I also review miscellaneous notes that I have written throughout the day and make sure nothing is overlooked. I actually enjoy the hand-writing, as it's pretty much the only time I do it anymore.

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