Custom Sticky Notes: Keeping Organized

Your Desk Side Helpers

Everyone has had a moment where they feel like they've forgotten something important, but all it takes are a few easy tricks and a stack of sticky note pads to keep you on the right custom sticky notestrack. Whether you're a long-term planner who likes to see the big picture or a person who's more comfortable working on the smaller details, anyone can benefit from being organized in their tasks. The more efficient people are, the less inclined they are to forget important engagements, waste valuable time they could spend with others or feel stress from impending deadlines when they're on top of their business.


A Big Bonus for Little Picture Thinking

Organizing just doesn't come naturally to everyone and it can be difficult to understand how everything fits into "The Big Plan" at times. With little picture thinking though comes intense focus, so use this to your advantage by leaving your sticky notes to measure success and hard deadlines. For example, putting a note on the clock can help to focus on what you're aiming for in the immediate future - especially if you're a habitual clock watcher. Placing one on a lunch you plan to eat can remind you of plans you made to share it with a friend. They also make a pleasant surprise if you place a note at the bottom of someone's lunchbox or workspace when you're helping to organize others.


A Little Reminder for Big Picture Thinking

Some people are big picture thinkers, which is to say that they are very good at accomplishing their overall goals but always seem to be frustrated by the finer details. Taking time aside to plan out these details with sticky notes can make the organizing experience infinitely less frustrating and ensure everything is in the proper place. Place the sticky notes around a workspace or home and give short detailed descriptions like "Boss takes coffee with sugar." By writing down the trifling details once, they will always be readily available and the organizers time can be fully devoted to their project.


The Golden Rule

Whether you're a big picture thinker or a little picture thinker, it's important to remember that sticky notes are ultimately a way to see the whole picture and keep it in mind. Staying balanced like this is the unspoken key to organization, the difference between wasting time and spending it how you wish. Personalized sticky notes are convenient to use, with all the versatile power of a spare piece of paper and the added benefits of being able to hang your thoughts where they won't be lost. It behooves any would-be organizer to carry a pad of sticky notes with them at all times. Thanks to custom sticky pads, you'll never need to stay lost in your thoughts. Just be sure to write yourself a note to also always carry a pen.


Whether keeping custom sticky notes close by for important meeting information or keeping track of little reminders, sticky notes are a great way to stay organized. At Captain Notepad, you can customize your notepads with your company name and logo and even shapes. Click here to order.


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