Behind every small business, is an even smaller advertising budget. So that means that every penny counts when getting your business name and brand in the face of your clients. The goal of every small business owner is to optimize their advertising dollars and capture the client’s attention. Captain Notepad helps to do that by offering high-quality magnetic kitchen notepads.

personalized magnetic notepadsprofessional notepadsSmall businesses must find unique ways of capturing their client’s attention like the big boys do with their massive advertising budgets. These businesses ask, “how can I capture my client’s attention in an affordable way?” Magnetic notepads are the perfect answer to that question. These notepads are very affordable while being effective of spreading a company brand along with their contact information. They can contain first aid information such as CPR instructions showing clients that you care about their life or they can contain helpful kitchen equivalents information. Your business can give them out anywhere as a gift for clients, to place them in their kitchen and will last for a very long time.

These notepads advertise your business while having practical uses for your clients. They are compact and are perfect to hand out at events, on the street or after doing business to clients and non-clients alike. Clients will feel a sense of reciprocity when they receive a notepad, they will be more likely to want to do business with your company again. First aid information or a measurement conversion chart added to your magnetic notepad makes your business instantly become unique in your customer’s eyes. Regardless of whether your client needs a guide to convert tablespoons to ounces or a basic CPR guide, your business’ brand will stand out because you provided this useful information.

Imagine someone’s phone ringing and they need to jot down important information, they reach for your notepad to take that information. This person immediately is thankful to your company which creates a sense of loyalty. These notepads can assist your potential clients daily, by helping them write recipes, shopping notes, contact information all the while advertising your business. By providing the handy magnetic notepad to your client, once again you are no longer a small business on a limited advertising budget, but you have become a larger than life company, demonstrating your helpfulness throughout their day.

The goal of a small business is to retain their customers. When you offer your clients with a simple magnetic kitchen notepad, you aren’t just providing them a trinket or novelty item but you are providing them an item that holds value. These notepads have a wide array of everyday uses. By keeping your company information displayed predominantly in front of your customer, helping them out throughout their day, you create a feeling of goodwill. You let clients know that your company is always there willing to help in their daily life. This encourages them to come back. Optimize your advertising dollars by visiting our website at Our professionals will aid you in creating the notepad that fits your company brand. And follow us on Twitter and Facebook to learn more about our products and special promotions.