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March 2018

  1. Custom Sticky Notes: Keeping Organized

    Your Desk Side Helpers Everyone has had a moment where they feel like they've forgotten something important, but all it takes are a few easy tricks and a stack of sticky note pads to keep you on the right custom sticky notestrack. Whether you're a long-term planner who likes to see the big picture or a person who's more comfortable working on the smaller details, anyone can benefit from being organized in their tasks. The more efficient people are, the less inclined they are to forget important engagements, waste valuable time they could spend with others or feel stress from impending deadlines when they're on top of their business. Continue reading →
  2. Personalized Legal Pads

    Personalized legal pads is our go to business tool for running our business. When I walk into a meeting and look around at the table, it's the one item I can count on being at the table for note taking, agenda following, to do list making, you name it's being used to its fullest at any business meeting. So why the personalized legal pad and not your standard notebook or custom business notepad you may ask? It's all about the design and the utility of it. Continue reading →
  3. Professional Notepads Are A Work Of Art

    Photo/Illutration   Not your ordinary professional notepads. These beautiful designed 3-D figures gradually emerge from Block notepads, whose pages have different perforated lines. These pads featuring Kiyomizudera consists of 150 pages, each measuring 8 centimeters by 8 cm. Continue reading →

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