Planning your marketing strategy means thinking about how your brand is going to reach and connect with your customers. A great way to do this is with promotional products that remind your customers of your business in their day-to-day life. 

One of the best items to do precisely this is promotional fridge magnets. While you might not think of magnets as promotional products right off the bat, they’re a super helpful – and versatile – way to market your business. We will look at how you can use promotional magnets in your marketing strategy to spread the word about your small business now successfully.

How promotional fridge magnets can be used

We understand that choosing magnets as promotional products might not be your first choice, but hear us out. What’s often overlooked when it comes to marketing is simplicity – companies are busy choosing the loudest ads and strategies in an effort to be heard over the crowd but forget that sometimes a business’ best approach is a subtle one.

The more minor things you do only contribute to adding value to your services and products – such as utilizing promotional products. And it’s even better when one little item like promotional magnets can be used in so many ways! Here are just a few examples.

Part of a goody bag

If you run events in your organization or attend corporate conventions, chances are you give out goody bags to potential customers or community members. Promotional fridge magnets make a great addition to yours, offering a way to get your company’s branding and contact information into your customer’s hand – and eventually onto their fridge. 

Perfect as prizes

Thanks to their cost-effectiveness, promotional magnets also make fantastic prizes. Whether in a giveaway or part of a community engagement initiative, magnets are a fun prize you can work into your marketing strategy.

Client welcome packs 

When you take on a new client, it’s common to send them a welcome pack providing information about your company, your services, and their package with you. You have a crucial opportunity to make them feel welcomed and valued by including some extra items in the box. This is where many companies choose stationery like notepads and pens, but they can also go for something a little more fun like custom drinkware or promotional magnets

Add to direct marketing mail packages

If a part of your marketing budget is devoted to direct marketing, then promotional magnets are a great addition to any marketing package to incentivize people to purchase from your business. 

How you can take advantage of promotional fridge magnets

So, now we’ve covered why promotional fridge magnets are such a good choice, it’s time to look at how small businesses can use these promotional items. Simply ordering magnets and giving them out won’t have the same impact if you haven’t carefully considered why you’re using them and how that affects which magnets you choose. 

  1. Choose custom promotional magnets.

If there’s one piece of advice we could give you when choosing promotional magnets, it’ll always be to customize them. Every part of your marketing strategy needs to contribute to creating positive associations with your brand. Unless your promotional fridge magnets do that, they won’t be performing their job correctly. 

You can keep it subtle with just a name and logo or choose designs that allow you to include contact information, business address, and social media handles.

  1. Design them carefully.

You must make your magnets attractive – because who wants to stick up a magnet on their fridge that’s tacky or just plain ugly? You’ll need to think of what you want your customers to think or feel when they see your magnet. Is it inspiration? Or maybe a reminder of how valuable your services are? These things can all be covered with the design of your magnet. Pay close attention to the following aspects of your design:

  • color 
  • quotes 
  • and imagery. 

If you’re not super creative and need a little help – don’t worry. We have an in-house art team who can take care of your custom promotional magnets; all you have to do is give them a brief. 

  1. Cater to your audience

Every business has a distinct customer base with varying tastes, values, and attitudes. To make sure your magnets are a hit, you’ll need to cater your design to your customers. Here are just a few examples of how you can do just that.

  • For customers who love sports,

Opt for promotional football schedule magnets that keep them up to date with their favorite teams.

  • For customers who have kids,

Choose promotional magnets with a built-in grocery list pad to make their lives easier.

  • For car-focused users,

Go for promotional car magnets that’ll spread your brand message far and wide.

  1. Raise awareness of causes

If your business supports a local or global charity through your work, you can use your marketing strategy to boost their funds. Your promotional fridge magnets don’t have just to show off your brand – instead, encourage people to make donations to a worthy cause by adding a section on your personalized design. Those tech-savvy could even include adding a QR code for easy and fast contributions. 

  1. Add a dual-use function. 

Who said a magnet has just to be a magnet? Make your promotional magnets unique by adding in an excellent dual-use role. This could be a notepad, to-do list, or calendar attached to the magnet: giving your customers another reason to proudly display your magnet on their fridge, whiteboard, or filing cabinet. 

  1. Level up your business card

Business cards are an essential part of growing your business – they’re the perfect size and format to give potential clients all the information they need about your services. But a fundamental problem with traditional business cards is that they’re easily lost or tossed in the trash.

Avoid this by upgrading your business cards to a design that (literally) sticks. Make your business card a modern one with a long-lasting, versatile magnet version. Quickly put on fridges, filing cabinets, and more; your customers will never lose access to your business information again. 

Promotional fridge magnets at Captain Notepad

Whether you’re looking for promotional car magnets, regular fridge magnets, or promotional football schedule magnets to use as a part of your marketing campaign, we’ve got it all at Captain Notepad. Our dedicated art team can assist with any design queries you might have, and our range of promotional magnets is fully customizable – get started today.