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June 2018

  1. Post It Persuasion - A Unique Promotional Notepad

    Post-it notes prove over and over again to be efficient advertising and marketing tools for several reasons, the first of which is that people actually keep them. It has been proven time again that companies that receive business cards are likely to throw them away in the trash. On the other hand, post it notes are usually kept because they are so useful to our daily lives. A creative post-it note can be used to capture the attention of potential clients. Captain Notepad has post-it notes in a variety of shapes to make your business unique. They are the perfect marketing tool, they will contain your companies contact information and any particular image you’d like to present. The term "out of sight and out of mind" becomes irrelevant when a customized post-it note is used, because post it notes can be used constantly on a day to day basis. A veterinarian can have a custom notepad in the shape of a paw print. Continue reading →
  2. Custom Coloring Notepads Still Trending For Businesses

    Brands are taking notice of the impact coloring notepads have. Two years after adult coloring became a trend, big brands are designing branded coloring pages. As our society becomes more and more busy, so does our stress level. Coloring notepads are a great stress reliever that can be done any where any time. When you are relaxed and focused, a brand's message on a custom notepad is a positive experience. Continue reading →
  3. Real Estate Promotional Items From Captain Notepad

    Ever wonder which promotional items really work? In a sea of promotional materials, it can become overwhelming and frustrating not knowing which ones really work. Don’t throw money away trying to figure out which real estate promotional items work, this guide will give you a breakdown of your different options. Continue reading →
  4. Custom Notepads as Valuable Business Tools

    Notepads are great promotional tools that are can be used by businesses to advertise themselves to potential clients. Everyone likes free giveaways and customized notepads are a great way to give a useful product to your client while advertising your business. They maintain the ideal promotional strategy for any business, which is to promote your services without making a client feel like you're being obnoxious. Continue reading →

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