Is your virtual shopping list spreading the coronavirus?

Our cell phones serve a multitude of purposes in our lives, with mobile apps making it easy for your smartphone to turn into pretty much anything you like. A camera, game console, ruler, even a shopping list. Let’s face it, our phones have become extensions of our hands. But when it comes to your shopping list, your phone might actually be doing more harm than good. From germs to risks of breakage, there are a whole host of reasons why opting for a paper notepad could be the quicker, and safer, option for you when you head out shopping. 

The risks of using your cell phone

It’s safe to say that we cannot live without our smartphones, which makes them pretty precious cargo to be carrying around in pockets and purses. There’s nothing worse than investing so much money into a gadget, only to have it break or be stolen. Well, unfortunately, that’s the risk a lot of us face when we use our phones for day-to-day activities. 

Your phone screen could smash

Did you know that the average American drops their cell four times a week? That’s about four times too many potential screen-smashing situations if you ask us. And imagine the possibilities of where and how you could drop your phone while in a busy grocery store as you juggle trying to tick off your list and grab that last zucchini, not to mention keep track of your kids. Just the thought of it is enough to make you shudder.

You risk cell phone theft

Along with the risks of your phone breaking, there’s always the chance that you could become a victim of phone theft each time you have your phone in hand. And with one in three robberies including smartphones nowadays, it’s more important than ever to be street smart with your cell phone while out and about. If someone gets hold of your cell phone, they don’t just get a smartphone, but they could also gain access to your personal and financial information and data. Thieves target people who carry their cell about in plain sight, where it’s easy to snatch it out of your hand while you’re occupied, for example, while you’re shopping.

You risk spreading the coronavirus

Perhaps the biggest reason why using your smartphone as a shopping list is risky, is due to the global coronavirus pandemic. Maintaining good hygiene and avoiding the spread of germs is everyone’s top priority whenever they leave their houses, and unfortunately, your cell phone isn’t much help here. 

Studies have shown that the coronavirus can live on our phone screens for 96 hours, so in between using our cell phones for our many daily activities, the risk of spreading the virus is huge. Imagine you’re shopping for groceries with your virtual shopping list on your cell screen. You’re touching your phone screen, then produce on the shelves, then back to your screen. If an infected person coughed or sneezed around that produce, you could be transferring it without knowing it. Not to mention if you get a call while you’re out; you could be putting the virus on your face. And that’s just one situation - when you consider that on average we touch our phones 2600 times a day, it doesn’t paint a pretty picture.

The shopping list notepad

We know this sounds pretty worrying, but there’s a handy solution to these problems, hiding in a kitchen drawer or on a desk somewhere. Enter: the paper shopping list.

Using a paper shopping list can solve the issues faced with using your cell phone in many ways. Not only are they super easy to use, but they’re way more sanitary too. You won’t risk putting germs on your face, and in the event it does catch a few germs, when you’re done you can just throw it away - no virus, no stress. 

Save time and effort

Having your shopping list on paper means you won’t have to waste time tediously unlocking and locking your cell phone either. Just an easy tick as you go round the store so you can get all your essentials quickly and efficiently.

Customize your shopping list

The best thing about paper shopping lists is that they can come in so many fun sizes, styles and colors. You can even customize your shopping notepad at Captain Notepad. You can choose the color, style and size of your notepad to suit your needs. We even offer a categorized shopping list notepad so you can organize your groceries to your heart’s content. They also make great gifts for the organizer or stationery lover in your life! 

For business customers, you can customize a range of stationery items using your branding, including shopping lists, so when your brand message can be spread wherever your customers go. A versatile product that can also be used for memos, notes and doodles, our customizable list notepads would be a great addition to any marketing strategy. Choose between a variety of designs, colors and sizes to create the perfect marketing materials for your brand. 

So there you have it, more than enough reasons why a paper notepad is the best option for your shopping list. Head over to the Captain Notepad site to find your perfect shopping list notepad today.

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