Coloring Notepads

Custom Coloring Notepads

Custom memo coloring notepads are the latest trend in all things creative stationery. Our diverse range of color notepads can be customized to feature your business name, logo and essential contact information. They are the perfect giveaway or promotional item for your clients to enjoy. Some of our notepads even include a notepad magnet so your client can attach it to their office fridge and take important notes among colleagues. Coloring is a fantastic, proven way to combat stress in different workplace environments, helping employees work more efficiently and experience a far healthier mindset at work. Investing in color notepads will improve work culture and deliver the message that your business truly cares about staff welfare. Our custom memo color pads can even be customized with an employee’s name, working as an individual’s personal stress-reliever when the office schedule becomes overwhelming. 

Choose from Captain Notepad’s broad range of ‘Things To do-doodle’ color notepads, pre-sharpened colored pencils, and adult coloring therapy books. Whether or not your bulk of color notepads are personalized or not, businesses will benefit from these items of stationery tenfold. Buy yours today.

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