Thinking of running a giveaway on social media but don’t know what to use for your prizes? Or maybe you’re putting on an event and need to collate some prize ideas for goody bags. Whatever you need – prize ideas or business giveaway ideas – you’ll get it all here. 

Giveaways are an excellent way to engage your audience and boost your online and offline brand. 

The power of giveaways

Everyone loves free stuff; there’s no doubt about that. But giveaways offer great rewards for businesses as well as consumers. For small businesses wanting to generate some buzz around their brand, or established companies looking to give something back to their loyal customers, giveaways are fantastic marketing tools. 

Cost-effective social media marketing

The beauty of giveaways is that your consumers will do most of the heavy lifting. Just remember to make the rules of your giveaway include things that’ll give your profile a much-needed boost, such as

  • following your profile
  • sharing your post to their story, and tag you
  • tagging a friend in a comment.

All it takes is a small investment in some products or branded items, and in return, you benefit from countless shares, tags, and comments. You can enjoy seeing your profile grow and reach new audiences, which can be turned into new customers. 

This will help elevate your brand’s visibility on social media. Considering that 68% of consumers made a purchase from social media last year, it’s a pretty lucrative area to invest in. Plus, these numbers are expected to reach 98% in 2022

Generate more leads with giveaways.

Although social media is a fantastic area for growth and a great platform to host your giveaway, it’s not the only option you have. Giveaways can be run through your website too, and rather than follows and mentions, you can gain:

  • sign-ups to your mailing list 
  • survey fill-outs.

If your growth goals are more centered on your site and driving traffic to it. 

Why use branded products?

Now, it’s clear why giveaways are a great marketing tool, but why use branded products, you ask? 

Of course, you can and should use your actual products as part of your giveaway, but adding an imprinted item to the prize package makes sense. Not only will you delight your prize recipient with a few more freebies, but you can also extend the effectiveness of your marketing campaign

Branded products instill a sense of community

Building a loyal customer base means getting your customers to buy into your brand. For consumers to feel a connection, they have to have positive associations with your brand and see themselves in it – whether in the brand values, personality, or the product itself. Once they can relate to your brand, they’re sold. 

This is where branded products make great prize ideas. Encourage that connection by giving them items to make their lives easier – which also happens to sport your brand’s messaging. The subtle effects of using everyday objects in their routines that remind them of your company go a long way in fostering a positive customer relationship. It will also come into count when your customers are recommending your brand to a friend or posting reviews on your site.

Long-term, subtle marketing

One of the best things about using branded products when you’re looking for business giveaway ideas is that the effects of the campaign last long after entries close. Each time a customer takes your tote bag to the grocery store or water bottle on the run, they unknowingly market your brand to you! People who see your branding will be introduced to your business, whether passing by on the street or a friend asking them about it. This increased brand awareness is vital for keeping your business relevant and boosting your chances of attracting new customers. 

Business giveaway ideas

So, now it’s time to look at some prize ideas you can use for your next giveaway. From more significant ticket items like water bottles to more minor gestures that make great filler items in a giveaway package, you’re sure to find something to suit your business here. The best part about these giveaway ideas is that they’re products everyone loves – and can use.

Large prize ideas

  1. Calendars

One of those items you don’t think to buy but always use are calendars. They can be hung on walls, pinned on notice boards or found on desks – making a great option if you’re looking for practical prize ideas.

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  1. Tote bags

Eco-friendly, stylish, and ultra-useful – what more could you ask for in a giveaway prize? A tote bag offers a pretty big canvas to showcase your brand. 

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  1. Water bottles

Another prize idea that everyone will find useful in some way is a water bottle. They’re reusable and suit all ages and interests. 

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  1. Notepads

One of the best promotional materials out there has got to be a notepad. Perfect for doodling, writing messages, or your to-do list – give your customers the gift of expression.

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  1. T-shirts

Your customers can show off how much they love your company by sporting a branded t-shirt. When designed well, these can be powerful marketing tools for your business.

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  1. Weekly planners

Help customers stay on top of their busy schedules with a practical weekly planner. A great idea if your business is in the lifestyle or organizational space.

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Small prize ideas. 

You can’t always win ‘em all, right? These next ideas are perfect if you’re looking for small prize ideas to use as runners-up or to bulk out a hamper or goody bag. 

  1. Magnets

Look great on the refrigerator or whiteboard and can add some color and personality while showing off your brand.

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  1. Pens 

Branded pens are an absolute must if you’re putting together a prize package – a classic promotional item that companies worldwide use as business giveaway ideas.

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  1. Bumper stickers

Is your business in the automotive or travel industry? Your customers can show off how much they endorse your company with a nifty bumper sticker.

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  1. Letter openers

Something you never think to buy, but always comes in handy. 

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  1. Stickers

A fun way to promote your business – people can put them on their laptops, notebooks, phone cases, etc. 

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Prize ideas with Captain Notepad

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Get started here if you’re ready to begin collating prize ideas to use as a part of your giveaway.