How to Make Sure Your Employees Stay Safe During the COVID-19 Crisis

With the country on lockdown and offices closed until the foreseeable future, working from home has now become the new norm for many of us.

Working professionals are learning how to adapt their at-home workspace to keep them motivated and productive during these unprecedented times.

Teams have been forced to work apart and only connect through the little webcam on their laptops and computers for the occasional virtual team meeting. Staying connected as a team, especially during these times, is extremely important for both communication and to keep up the team morale and spirit. 

However, more ways are available for staying in touch with your team and employees than just seeing and speaking with them behind the screen. 

We’ve created a range of wellness products that you can send to your employees. These are not are a great way to keep connected and reach out to your team, but they’re also an effective way to provide an important reminder of ways to stay safe during COVID-19. 

There are also available products for those still working in essential workspaces, such as the medical staff which allows for safer communication between the team. 

Wash Your Hands Magnets

One of the safest ways to protect yourself from the virus is to constantly wash your hands and keep them sterilized and clean. Washing your hands thoroughly can ensure that there’s no trace of dangerous bacteria or viruses on our skin. Sometimes a gentle and visual reminder is one of the best ways to keep this at the forefront of people’s minds. 

Check out these How to Wash your Hands magnets that include a breakdown of each step to take as well as visual imagery to guide you through the process. 

These are great to stick around your house and workplace (preferably close to a sink) to remind yourself and your employees how to effectively keep your hands clean and everyone safe. They come in a range of designs and sizes, so whether you just want to send a couple or a few dozen to your team, you’re sure to find the best-suited magnets.

Magnets that are designed for younger demographics are also available, so if you have any employees with young children in the house, this is a great way to reach out to the families and add a bit more of a personal touch. 

Memo Boards

If you work in the medical field and are being safeguarded from head to toe in protective gear, it’s encouraged to not take it off for the safety of your team. 

This can make basic tasks such as communicating duties or responsibilities difficult, which is where a laminated memo board can really come in handy and save the day. 

Hang it up on your main workstation and use reusable pens to write down urgent and important messages to your team. This allows you to communicate without even having to take off gloves or masks.

Memo boards are also available for a range of other professions such as pet care services, restaurants, and real estate professionals. 

“Things to Do-oodle” Pads

It can be difficult to remember all of your required tasks or constantly have to send out virtual reminders to your team throughout the day and week. Our “Things to ‘Do-oodle” pads are a great thing to send to your employees for them to write down a list of their weekly tasks. 

The best thing about these pads is that they can be customized with various designs to color in and can include your employee’s and companies' names. These pads are a fun and alternative way to jot down your work duties while adding that personal touch that your team will enjoy and appreciate. 

These wellness products are not only a great way to stay connected and provide yourself and your team with funky tools to stay motivated, but they are essential in reminding us how to stay safe and effectively get through the coronavirus. 

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