How to Be More Productive Working from Home with These Must-Have Stationery Tools

With the majority of office spaces closing in the face of the COVID-19 epidemic, most of us are having to work from home more than we ever have before. It can be difficult to blend the comfortable space of home with your everyday work and professional tasks. The dining area that was reserved for dinner guests has now been converted into a full-on office space to accommodate your multiple screens and endless wires. 

But no matter how many times you reposition your screens, and how many fake plants you put in the room to make it both homely and office-like, it can be very demotivating to work in isolation day-in and day-out from the four walls of your house. 

That’s why it’s important to get organized and create what we like to call a “productive planner” to keep you both motivated and on top of your working schedule. With so many screens to look at, it can easily feel like you’re going cross-eyed. Give your eyes a well-deserved and much-needed break, and use a good old-fashioned pen and paper to create an efficient and productive work schedule. 

Productive Planner 

So many stationery tools are available that can act as your productive planner. One of the best ways to stay on top of your tasks is by writing them down in order or by the urgency to make sure you don’t forget anything, and that all your tasks are done on time. 

A custom notepad is the perfect stationery tool for this. Ranging in various colors and sizes, a custom notepad is available to suit all tastes and notes. You can even get a personalized notepad with your brand logo (to make it feel a bit more official) just for work to use for your professional responsibilities. 

The custom notepads also come in a range of professional themes, from real estate to hotel and hospitality, plus many more. So you can even pick a notepad that’s personalized for your profession.

There are also notepads to cover specific industries that require confidential, specific, and essential note-taking, such as medical and legal notepads and padfolios.  

It can be mentally challenging to stay in work mode whilst in isolation, away from your team, and constantly having to work in the confines of your home. These professional notepads won’t only provide you with a degree of work-related encouragement, but it is a great way to keep morale up in your team with matching, custom-made notepads for everyone to enjoy and stay organized. 

This is a sure way to keep you, and your team motivated and productive while working from home and to efficiently manage your workload.  

Check It Off the List

Let’s admit it, there’s nothing more satisfying than completing a task and getting the opportunity to tick it off a long list of tasks. Well, now you can with your very own personalized to-do list to suit you and your brand. 

If you are a small business owner, this is the perfect productive planner for you and your employees. You can customize your to-do list with your company logo and brand imagery, and create a daily or weekly to-do list for your employees and clients to stay at the forefront of their minds during the quarantine. 

This is an effective and efficient way to stay current and remembered, as the to-do lists are also magnetized so they can be hung up around the house and always in view.

These can be anxious times for employees and clients. Providing them with a visual and tangible organized list, especially for the weeks and months ahead, can provide them with the reassurance of constant work-flow, as well as a manageable check-off list of duties to manage and work through. 

So whether it is for you, your client, or your employees, these personalized to-do lists are the perfect stationery tool to efficiently work from home and stay motivated as you check off your daily tasks.

Keeping your productivity up whilst continually working from home, in isolation can sometimes feel like an impossible task, especially during uncertain and anxious times. These customized and personalized productive planners are a great way to not only get you organized but lift your mood and provide a small boost of excitement into your working day. 

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