Sending Love Letters to Keep it Personal in the Age of COVID-19 with Custom Notepads!

Raise your hand if you’ve unashamedly cried (several times) during “The Notebook” movie. This blockbuster classic is an absolute tear-jerker and will have you invested from the very start. But what makes this particular movie so popular and emotionally gripping? It’s a romantic movie, like so many others out there, right? The Notebook, even though released in the modern-day 20th century, takes us back to an era of good old-fashioned romance. The main characters only had pen and paper to express their feelings and were their only form of communication. 

Imagine being able to go back to that kind of romantic era. We’ve been unconsciously sucked into a fast-paced, rushed world where we don’t have time other than to send a quick “I love you” text as we rush from task to task. 

This has all come to a massive halt in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve suddenly been forced to slow down and even come to a complete stop in a lot of cases. The idea of picking up a pen and paper to write down our thoughts isn’t such an unimaginable idea anymore.

So take this chance to make romance personal again with a custom notepad just for you, and let that special someone (and your loved ones) know how you’re doing with a personal handwritten letter. 

A huge range of custom printed notepads are available in all shapes and sizes, and a wide variety of designs to please any taste, age, and preference! You’re sure to find the perfect custom notepad to suit you and your loved ones who’re receiving the special letters. 

So with the world on lockdown, staying in touch and checking in with those you love has never been more important. Give your eyes a well-deserved rest from your phone and laptop screen, and go back to the old-school way of showing your love and care. 

Personalized Notepads 

The idea of picking up a custom notepad and scribbling down all your thoughts is more exciting when it’s customized and personalized just for you. That sense of ownership makes it a little bit more special. 

Better not, why not pass on that special feeling to your recipients and send them custom-made letters with their names printed on each letter you send! Simply send their name to us here, and we’ll print the name onto a custom printed notepad. Imagine the excitement on your loved one’s face when they receive not only a handwritten letter but one personalized just for them. 

Amp up the romance a notch and even make “his and hers” custom notepads with each of your own personalized notepads to write and send love letters. 

Custom Notepads with a Logo 

You can make your custom printed notepads even more personal by adding images and logos to your personalized notepads. It could be a cherished photo or a funny image you know the recipient will appreciate. Just send us the image, and we’ll make sure it appears on your custom notepad. 

We also make magnetized custom printed notepads that can be hung up and displayed as an encouraging reminder of the kind and personal words that will be especially appreciated in these times of isolation! 

So what are you waiting for? Order your own personalized notepad and custom notepad made just for that special someone and get that pen ready. It certainly beats the generic “I love you” text that has become more common rather than an extraordinary or exciting message.

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