Grocery List Notepads and To-Do Lists

Grocery List Notepads and Magnetic Grocery Lists

What could be more useful than a grocery list notepad that can be stuck onto the refrigerator? At Captain Notepad we offer a wide range of magnetic grocery notepads, all of which are fully customizable, making them the ideal promotional tool for businesses of all shapes and sizes. 

Our magnetic grocery list notepads are a great tool to giveaway to your clients, as they will be used again and again, ensuring that your business remains at the forefront of your customers’ minds. Think of our 100% customizable magnetic grocery lists as being like creative business cards - they ensure that your brand’s name and details are always on show. 

Each of our grocery list notepads can be fully customised to meet your exact specifications. For all of our shopping list pad products, you can change the color of the design, amend the layout, and add your logo and tagline, creating a simple yet effective marketing tool to help boost your success. Whatever style and design you want, at Captain Notepad we are able to create it for you. Our grocery list magnetic notepads are designed to offer the best of style and function, creating a well-designed product that looks smart and well branded, while being of use for your clients.

And who doesn't love grocery shopping list customized notepads? These custom grocery list notepads are a great giveaway to your clients that they will use over and over. Contact us to learn more about custom printed notepads, and start designing your notepads today.

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