The life of a lawyer is packed full of challenges. In fact, lawyers have some of the hardest jobs out there. Their day-to-day typically includes meeting new important clients and taking endless notes on legal issues that even we here at Captain Notepad would find hard to understand. That’s why all lawyers need the best legal pads to make their day as easy as possible!

So how do we help streamline the workflow of lawyers? With our printed legal pads and padfolios of course! We sell a huge range of legal notepads, including personalized legal pads and designer legal pads. So, let’s take a look at everything you need to know about choosing the best legal pads.

Pens at the ready, lawyers! Take note.

So what is a legal notepad?

So what exactly is a legal notepad? What’s the difference between a standard notepad and a legal notepad? Well, the answer is more than you think actually. 

The main difference is that legal pads must have a 1-1/4” vertical line (commonly known as a ‘down line’) running along the left marginal edge of the pad’s page.

Nowadays, there are a whole variety of different legal notepads available for those that need one, but legal pads are traditionally yellow with blue horizontal lines and red vertical lines. Times have certainly changed though!

What is the standard legal notepad size?

There’s a lot of confusion surrounding the sizing of legal notepads. It’s commonly assumed that ALL legal notepads come in legal size (8.5” x 14”), but this is not necessarily true. Although you can certainly buy legal notepads in legal size, there are also numerous other size options available, including but not limited to:

  • Junior size (5” x 8”)
  • Letter-size (8” x 11”) 
  • A6 size (4” x 5”)

What are the different rulings you can get?

To put it simply, the term ‘rulings’ refers to the horizontal lines on the page of your legal notepad. The width of these ruled lines can vary too. This means some pads have lots of lines on a page and some have significantly fewer. Typically, there are 3 main types of ruling widths: 

  1. Wide Rulings

Also known as ‘legal ruled’, this width has the least number of lines on a single page. It’s the best option for writers who have large handwriting.

  1. Medium Rulings

Also known as ‘college ruled’, this width has more lines than ‘legal ruled’ and is the most common sizing for stand legal notepad.

  1. Narrow Rulings

This width has the most number of lines on a single page and is the best option for writers who have small handwriting or write large quantities. 

Why is a typical legal pad yellow?

As we’ve already mentioned, legal notepads are typically canary yellow, but there are now other various colors available. But why was a legal notepad traditionally yellow in the first place? Well here’s a fun story for you…

So, the first legal notepad was invented around 1888 by a man named Thomas Holley. He worked at a paper mill and eventually became frustrated that large quantities of paper would end up going to waste. So much so that he often collected all of the scrap paper at the end of the day and stitched them together to make collective pads of paper.

It’s thought that because these pads were made of scraps found on the floor, Holler would dye the low-quality paper a yellow color to make the scraps look more uniform. Makes sense, right? 

Well, there’s a twist in the story. Despite this making logical sense, a lot of historians contest this explanation as simply hearsay. Instead, it’s suggested that legal notepads actually became yellow years after Holler’s invention, simply because the color yellow stimulates the mind and also doesn’t show paper’s age as much as white does. So we suppose we’ll never know the true origin of yellow legal paper! 

What personalized legal pads do Captain Notepad sell?

What personalized legal pads do we sell here at Captain Notepad? Well, we offer a wide selection of legal notepads that you can choose from. Whether you want a legal notepad for home or in the office, let’s quickly take a look at the best legal pads you can order today:

Economy Legal Pad - Small or Large

Our economy personalized legal pad is the perfect option for those on a budget. The pad comes in a standard color imprint with a header you can customize with your own brand image or logo. It contains 30 sheets of 18 lb. white tablet blond paper and can be ordered in quantities of 250-2000. It also comes in two sizes: small or large. 

Paper Padfolio with Cover - 5 1/2" x 8 1/4" or 8 1/4" x 11"

Our custom-printed paper padfolio is one of our best legal pads, with print on both the cover and the front side of the interior pages. As a result, they’re great for use at conventions, seminars, or jobs that require you to stand and take fast notes. Best of all, you can customize the cover in all sorts of ways, including your brand name and logo or even your contact information. It also comes in two sizes: 5 1/2" x 8 1/4" or 8 1/4" x 11".

One Color Legal Pad - Small or Large

Our one-color legal pad is a personalized legal pad any lawyer would be lucky to have. The sheets are perforated and the pad binding is stapled and covered in black tape, making it one of the most sturdy and convenient options out of all of our printed legal pads. It also comes in two sizes: small or large. 

Browse our wide variety of best legal pads today!

If you’re still unsure how to choose the best legal pads for your business, then look no further than our selection of fully personalized legal pads. We have a personalized legal pad for all types of law sector businesses, so browse our products now to find the right one for yours. 

Best of all, you can customize all of our legal notepads with your own personal touches. Simply choose the personalized legal pad you love the most, then add your customizing instructions or upload your art. After we’ve received the order, our creative design team will send you a proof for you to check over. Once we’ve got your seal of approval, we’ll get straight to work! Your 100% satisfaction is our priority. 

If you have questions about our personalized legal notepads, please feel free to get in touch.