As a small business owner, you know that the use of professional notepads is one of the best ways to keep your name in front of both old and prospective clients. The custom printed notepad will serve as your mini-billboard; it will display your slogan, contact information and logo design. Our customized notepads are a good way to earn repeat customers and enjoy "viral" promotion.So what are the benefits of professional notepads?

die cut shapes1. Ongoing exposure
The main advantage of using personalized notepads is the continuous exposure. As we have mentioned in our previous blog series titled “Small Businesses Can Stand Out”, the custom printed notepads have your contact information and marketing message. Whether you give the whole booklet to a client or write small messages on the pads, the information on the custom printed pads will promote your business to anyone who sees the notepad. Simply put, the pads serve as your calling card which will help an old client remember you and give new customers a way of making contact.  

2. Encourage reciprocity
Nobody hates freebies, realtors can give away these notepads as gifts. By so doing, you will be customized notepadsdisbursing your contact information while at the same time building goodwill with your clients. Gifts always encourage reciprocity, and there is a good chance you will create a favorable impression with the client that received the notepad.

3. They are practical notepadsAway from promoting your business, a notepad is a very practical and useful tool. While selling real estate to prospective buyers, there is a good chance you or your buyer will need a pad to jot a few points. Clients can use the pads in the office for writing reminders, at home for making a grocery list or out in the field to take notes.

4. Affordable
Return on investment is always a big factor to consider when promoting products and services. With notepads, you don’t have to worry about high production costs. You enjoy great discounts when producing the notepads in bulk and at the same time advertising your company.

5.Customizable themes that give your business flavor
At Captain Notepad, you can print any message, layout or image. We can have them printed in full color or using a single color or just in plain black. We offer seasonal themed notepads Summer, Spring Autumn and Winter. Other themes include Patriotic, To Do List, Honey Do List and more! With this level of variety you're sure to find one that suits your brands. When designing your note pads, you will only be limited by your creativity and production budget.   Today, many real estate agents are using the custom printed note pads to promote their business. Business notepads are effective in distributing contact information, winning the trust of buyers when given out as freebies, and they are inexpensive to produce. Choose from our wide variety of professional notepads and separate yourself from other real estate companies. Contact us today to get a free quote on customized notepads or click here to search through our wide selection.