It’s tough these days to stand out from your competitors and win your audience’s attention. Most markets are heavily saturated when it comes to competition, making it harder for smaller, independently owned businesses to make their mark. But all hope isn’t lost; you can find it if you just think outside of the box a little.

Creative marketing strategies are the key to business success because they capture people’s attention in the right way and make you stand out from your competition – all in one! And there are a lot to choose from – whether you want to try a daring social media campaign or put on unique events to promote your business. But they aren’t your only options. With a healthy dose of innovation, traditional marketing techniques can be just as successful, including the use of promotional materials like personalized notepads. 

Why personalized notepads?

All industries recognize the potential power of customization in each aspect of a business, from customer service to product design, but not all are capitalizing on it. Customization is the future of marketing too, and will give your company an edge over the rest – an invaluable asset to have in a highly competitive space if you ask us.

Personalized notepads and other promotional items provide businesses of all sizes with an excellent opportunity to:

  • spread their brand’s message
  • reach and connect with new customers
  • add value to their products or services
  • create a reputation for creativity.

Still not convinced? Let’s look at six ways to use customized notepads to your business’s advantage. 

  1. Personalized notepads for direct marketing

Even with the rise of digital marketing tactics and social media, classic marketing strategies are still super effective ways of attracting new customers. Direct marketing might seem like a thing of the past, but in reality, the overload of digital content is making people more open to more traditional methods. 

So funnel your resources into a marketing strategy that’ll get people’s attention, not lost in a sea of digital content. Plus, think about it – when you send a custom notepad in the mail you know, it’ll reach your intended audience, instead of tweeting into the digital void hoping for the best.  

  1. Throw in printed pads to your customers’ orders.

We all love a freebie – that’s a universal truth. So if you’re a retailer (online or in real life), you have a crucial opportunity here to offer customers something that won’t burn a hole in your marketing budget. 

Giving your customers a small free item with their order, such as personalized notepads, will reap the rewards long into the future because you’re able to foster positive associations with your brand. And when customers feel like your brand cares about them, they’ll be way more likely to return to you. 

  1. Use custom printed notepads for community building.

One of the main objectives of any good marketing strategy is to establish and develop a relationship with your customers. The more you invest in these relationships, the more you’ll get back in terms of

  • recommendations, repeated purchases 
  • reviews.

These things will do wonders for both your reputation and profitability and help ensure your business's long-term success. 

Customized notepads and other promotional items help create and nurture this sense of community with your customers. Whether you give them out at company events or use them as part of community outreach programs, personalized stationery notepads cement your brand in consumers’ minds. Plus, memorable marketing has been shown to help consumers develop stronger connections to products and brands, making creative marketing moves more critical than ever. 

  1. Add printed notepads to your goody bags.

If you regularly run events, conferences, or meetings for your business, you likely give goody bags to attendees. These often contain merchandise or ‘swag’ that can be taken home with them, but often the items inside get tossed aside – even worse, in the trash. Including a practical, functional item like a business notepad in your goody bag gives your brand a better chance of staying out of the garbage and in your audience’s mind. 

Our fully customizable legal pads make a great addition to a goody bag and help spread your brand’s message to whoever your consumer writes a note to.

  1. Start selling customized notepads.

With ultra-low wholesale prices available on personalized stationery pads, retailers can add custom printed notepads to product lines. They offer a special markup and profit and are extremely easy to sell, thanks to the universal usability of notepads. 

It’s an option that suits several industries, too – you don’t have to be a stationery supplier to sell a notepad. They make an excellent upselling product, and because they’re fully personalizable, they can show off your brand easily. For example, you could design branded printed pads and sell them as merchandise or create a uniquely designed journal to complement a specific product line – the choice is yours. 

  1. Provide a complimentary business notepad to clients.

Whether you have them dotted around your office or make them a part of your welcome pack for new clients, a custom notepad comes in handy when building client relationships. It seems like a small gesture and doesn’t cost you much as a company, but it adds to the experience you provide your clients in a big way.

Say you’re a real estate agent, and you make your own notepads to give to potential clients. Not only will they appreciate being given a helpful freebie, but you’ll be adding value to their experience with you. And when they’re shopping around with different agents, they’ll remember you as the one who gave them a little extra. It just might give you the edge you need to secure that client.

Ready to invest in personalized notepads?

You can make your own notepads right now with Captain Notepad. We offer a huge range of customizable options that you can choose from, including different:

  • sizes
  • designs 
  • colors 
  • shapes 

And the best part is that you can not only completely customize them with your business’s branding, but take advantage of the unbeatable range of notepad categories we offer too. We’ve everything from simple, classic notepads and practical designs like to-do lists, sticky notes, and even coloring notepads.

Plus, you have the opportunity to make use of our art and design services to make sure your ideas are accurately and artistically brought to life – completely free of charge. Get started today by browsing our range of personalized notepads