Football Schedule Magnets

Custom Football Schedule Magnets

What better way to promote your business to your customers than with custom-made football schedule magnets? Each of the Captain Notepad football magnet designs come with the option to choose the team and color scheme being featured, in addition to being able to add your business’s information to the top or bottom of the featured schedule. 

Our football schedule magnets benefit from being extremely affordable to design, manufacture and purchase, making them a great low-cost option for promoting your business to your customers with a little added flare. With a range of different magnet sizes and styles to choose from, you are sure to find the ideal option to meet your business’s needs, with many of our magnets the ideal size for mailing to customers. 

For a more personalized option for promoting your business, order a selection of football schedule magnets to hand out to your clients. Whatever team your clients support, at Captain Notepad we will have a magnet design that’s suitable. For achieving brand recognition in a simple and effective way, our customized magnets offer the ideal solution. All you need is to choose a sports team - or selection of teams - and a design, add in the relevant information and you have an instant marketing tool. 

Custom football schedule magnets available for the upcoming season. All sports team promo magnets come in your favorite team's color. Add your business card information to the top or bottom of the schedule, and you have an instant advertising piece that will remind your client of your company.