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Customize Your Own Journal

Whether you’re planning on holding an event and want a quirky and unique item to giveaway as a promotional gift or are looking for a way to boost your brand’s advertising, customizing your own journals is a fantastic option. At Captain Notepad, we have a number of designs and styles for you to choose from, so whatever you design preferences, we can help you to create the perfect custom journal. 

Maybe you’ve thought about the use of beautifully designed custom journals before, but were put off as you never found the right option for your business or customers. At Captain Notepad, we have a wide variety of options available, with each design fully customizable, so whatever color, style or theme you would like to incorporate into the design, we can help. 

For a more personalized approach to business promotion, our option to customize your own journal is ideal. You can create the most incredible designs that perfectly fit your business and make popular promotional items perfect for customer gifts, giveaways and events. Each of our notepads can be fully customized to meet your exact specifications, we can also add your logo and tagline, creating a simple but highly effective marketing tool.

These beautiful custom notebooks and journals are a great giveaway item at any event or promotion. Customize your own journals with your business logo and pair with any of our personalized pens and pencils to leave a lasting impression. Contact us to learn more.

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