Full Color Photo Note Cubes

Photo note cubes

Our photo note cube selection, also known as memo cubes, is the perfect, creative addition to your desk at work. They also serve as fantastic and unusual gift ideas for friends and family alike. These unique and customizable notepad cubes with sticky sheets give your customers a unique desktop tool with a range of uses. Sticky pads can be used to take notes, plan a project, and brainstorm ideas. Produced on our popular Stik-ON(R) note cubes and imprinted with a full four color process on the sides, our photo cubes are the cream of the crop in the world of cubes.

All you have to do is send Captain Notepad your customizable instruction for your photo note cube and we will bring your vision, whether it be branded or not branded, to life with our team of expert designers. Pick between various colors and shapes and add a little spark to your stationery for excellent prices and production times. Contact us to create custom printed sticky notes today.

Make it Stik-On in full-color. Brilliant full-color photo notepad cubes with sticky sheets give your customer a unique desktop tool they will use every day. Contact us to create custom printed sticky notes today.