Post-It® Note Brand Specials

Branded Post-it Notes | Specials Page

Don’t trash your reputation with a knock-off note. Go with post-it notes you know and trust. Our selection of custom post-it notes is a fantastic way to get your brand seen and heard among the masses. Post-it products and notepad sticky notes come with a range of organizational benefits and branding exposure. Many people take for granted how often they reach for a piece of stationery at their desks every day, whether it be a pen, notepad, or sharpener. Personalized sticky pads also make a great giveaway at tradeshows, open houses, and in gift bags!

Opting for custom post-its is the perfect way to make sure your brand message is spread every single day among other businesses. Unlike knock-off notes, our genuine Post-it Notes stick securely, remove cleanly, and make a lasting impression for the client's business. They get brands seen, not stepped on. 

Our branded post-it notes come in a variety of sizes. All you have to do is send Captain Notepad your customization instructions and let our team of expert designers bring your vision to life.