Magnetic Sticky Pads

Custom Magnetic Sticky Pads

We have a diverse combination of magnetic sticky pads that will improve both your organizational skills in the workplace and the success of your brand. Any individual with a business card can use promotional magnetic business card sticky pads to ensure that their brand and its message is maximized at an international scale. Captain Notepad can also personalize your notepad with a house magnet at the top. We offer a diverse mix of product sizes and design layouts catered to your specific preferences. Take notes while reminding yourself of the successes of your brand.

Perfect for the likes of important trade shows and sales meetings, these magnetic pads of paper featuring magnetic sticky notes are far more powerful for your organization’s advertising strategy than they may originally appear. Choose from a broad selection of quantities and sheet numbers and add a business card magnet or house magnet to the top of your notepad bulk. Branded stationery is the perfect way to take your business to the next level and spread awareness. 

Notepads are available in 48 hours or less and must be ordered in increments of 100.

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